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  1. Hello, I have a WE G26c Gbb and I was wondering if anybody had any silencers, mags, extended mags, holsters, ect. I also may need a bigger glock, gbb if possible. Thanks!
  2. Im especially looking for pistols at the moment.
  3. Hello Airsoft community, I have had many people on this site help me out and id like some more help. Today I am looking for Gear, (Vests, holsters, sights, masks,costumes, ect.) Im also looking for actual military surplus (Gas Masks, ACUs, MREs, backpacks, boots, paracord, ect.) I was told that I could get most of this on Amazon for pretty cheap but I wanted to see if you guys had anything that I could get for a better price or a better quantity or quality. Shoot me offers and pics and Ill get back to you. I will also post on this topic if im looking for anything specific. Thanks Airsoft community PS. I also need a slide catch compatible with a kjw hicapa 1911, Thanks!
  4. Bump, I am still looking for guns, but gear will also be appreciated.
  5. I am looking for some cheap or broken (still good looking though) airsoft guns for a film I am making. looking mainly for US military and common civilian guns. For GBBs the highest we can go is $150 (but let us know, and we might make an exception). Everything else we'd prefer to buy internally broken and/or low quality AEGs or springers for as cheap as possible. Any guns that aren't GBB don't need to replicate real-steel action as they will not be used for close-up action shots. For pistols, about $100 each would be our price range. If you have any shell-ejecting gas shotguns, let us know. GBBs need only function enough to properly cycle the bolt, any other internal problems can be ignored/worked around. Extra mags, accessories, sights, etc are also a point of interest if we can get them for a reasonable price. Same goes for gear, let us know what you have and we might take it off your hands. If you have something you can PM me on Airsoft Iowa or email me at cade_man17<AT>hotmail.com
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