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  1. It seems like a decent gun but doesn't meet my criteria of fps out of the box, I'm looking for something I can customize as I see fit externally but not really looking to do much internally but maybe a new barrel ad a few other things
  2. Is there one you would recommend, thank you for your reply... and I'm more of a rifle guy but I really like the mp7, and I have found a WE SCAR licensed by FN, it's even got the caliber and a serial number without the ugly paragraph on the other side of the gun
  3. To all GBB fans I'm looking to get a GBBR but I'm stuck between the KWA OB MP7a1 and the WE OB SCAR, to everyone who has one or both guns could you give me the pros and cons to both guns and help me decide which gun to pick from THANKS SO MUCH!!!
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