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  1. Externally its great I didn't mean to imply that internally it is. I have held one and looked at it closely. It is IMO the best looking (looks not performance) AEG. The internals are not great for the price of 270 but I paid 200 and from what I could find had acceptable internals for that price. The polymer is better IMO than metal. Strongly my opinion NOT fact at all. From the feedback of people that own it its a good gun and people that only hear and repeat say its bad. For 270 I think that's too much but 200 is a good price. If it has internals on par with a $150 gun I am happy due to the looks of the gun which is all personal preference now I get responses after I buy a gun but before couldn't hardly get any...
  2. Well I bought an a&k Masada already due to the sale and its spectacular build.
  3. I know about the proprietary parts so I will double check before I buy thanks for the thought. And I like to have multiple guns for more reasons than just friends Barrowing them. I just wanted one primary that I will upgrade and spend money on. Also my guns are like 8-9 pounds so I wanted a light one that was also well built
  4. Um OK? I already said my budget so I don't see what you said in that comment. I bought last night an a&k Masada for $200 because the externals are better than anything else I have held or seen. The insides according to everything I could find were alright but not good for the price of 270. For 200 I figure it should be about average. Even if its not the external build quality is fantastic and I can upgrade internals easier than changing the entire body. I talked to friends and a few techs about it and they said get ICS but for the price this gun would be really good too
  5. so you're saying to avoid ICS? What brand would you suggest then?
  6. Hey this is my first post here! sorry for the long post, all the links and grammer. Anyways to the Point: I have a couple of guns right now but I will be buying a third to be my primary which I will upgrade some but depends on how much I get into it to how much I spend. Due to upgrading I would like it to be somewhat easy to takedown as my experience has only been with an AUG, Tompson and a P90 (im selling the p90 because its just not fun to use and I feel cramped holding it since it is so small). this will mostly be used at a local indoor course with an FPS limit of 350 but sometimes at my house in the woods but even SMGs work fine due to the lay of the land. I can change the spring so no big deal if its shooting hot. I want it to be relatively light so I can run with ease in other words I don't want full metal externals (at this price duh no metal but just want to be clear). The length of an M4 is fine for my course because of how its set up. I like the style of an r36 and m4 (cqc and full size doesnt matter) as well as the SCAR. ACR and MP7 are beautiful but out of budget. My budget is roughly $200 and I would prefer to buy from ASGI or Airsoft Megastore. I was looking at this ics m4 due to the split gearbox and since ics is reputable: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=7142 is there anything different between the Colt and this other than the name and markings? http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=6793 the well known g&g combat machine(cqc or full size idc which): http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=7966 jg m4 s system is popular and I hear it has a good gearbox: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/1908-445-f...e-jg-f6613.aspx R36 by JG hey its cheap, looks cool and takes m4 mags: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/1933-415-f...g608-6-hmc.aspx I'll take any other suggestions too. I'm kinda new to shopping for guns as I bought the other two on sale and for the price I just couldnt pass them up. the two guns I own are an AK47 and AUG. I will be buying a third gun no matter what (so more friends can play at my house) but if you think I should upgrade one of them instead of the new gun I buy, speak up AUG: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/1860-420-f...e-jg-0447a.aspx AK47 (the one I have is the same thing just a licensed Kalashnikov version) : http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/1277-440-f...cyma-cm050.aspx thanks for any and all help, Shadow
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