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  1. Like this for example .. http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/6485-dboys...-bi-mx-12b.aspx would this be a good gun ? I'd also buy the 9.6V Battery (if it would help a lot) and a smart charger
  2. I am new to airsoft and I'm looking to buy a rifle (preferably an m4) . My Budget is less than $200 . I am looking for an upgradable m4 that shoots nice even before upgrades and will last me quite a long time . I have found quite a few deals on airsoft megastore and evike but I don't want to buy a bad gun . I will need a smart charger and probably a battery (which should be included in the $200) . Doesn't matter on the brand .. I hear G&G , JG , and King Arms are good .. ? lol Please help me out :D Thanks . SORRY ABOUT THE MULTIPLE POSTS , CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO DELETE :P
  3. I meant $140-$170 in total .. like after the new parts .
  4. http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/7158-Perfo...Battle-Kit.aspx http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/7157-perfo...s-spkxm-35.aspx
  5. So earlier this summer I started up airsoft with some buddies and I loved it . Now that I'm playing more I'm looking to get a gun of my own . A friend of mine as a full metal dboys m4 that he is willing to sell me for $100 . It has an upgraded tightbore barrel and a new selector plate . He says it could use a new selector switch and air seal system . My friends are great with repairs so replacing those parts would be no problem . Also comes with a nice battery/charger and hopefully some midcaps/highcaps . This is the gun I use most of the time when I play and I've never had a problem with it . It is a few years old though and has been shot quite a lot over the years . So I'd be looking at about $140-$170 to fix up his gun . My main question is whether or not I should buy his gun . or spend the same amount on a new one ? Preferably a m4 and no more than $200 (including a good battery and charger and mags) . Thanks .
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