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  1. here's my suggestion: Seriously consider your priorities.
  2. What is that a picture of? what is it called? that is perfect for what I'm looking for
  3. uggg, those are $80. What happens if I don't get it? will the gun work just as well until I put that peice in, too? and what about my handguard/RIS/bipod question
  4. Hmm, I should have posted this earlier, but I didn't realize it until now: Does that mean I can get away with just a bore-up cylinder? Also, I read the article about the PSG1 barrel in the m16a2. Is there any way I can find the air output of the gun, to figure out if it would work with the 590 psg barrel? or would it have to be hit and miss? --EDIT-- I was not planning on buying all of this at one time. Because of this I was wondering if there was any way I could put my harris style bipod on the gun before I got a RIS grip? the only way you I can think of to put it on is with the adaptor, and the adaptor can only go on RIS. so am I screwed until I can get the handgrip? thanks
  5. I mean that the stock barrel is 509mm. The barrel I want to get will be 590 (or even 650mm), and that will cause almost 80mm to be exposed, and I was wondering if the silencer will be long enough to cover the exposed 80mm (or 140mm) of barrel. <140mm is 5.5 inches. 80mm is only slightly more than 3 inches> I was under the impression that a longer barrel, especially a tightbore, would slightly increase FPS and cause tighter groupings, and the longer the barrel, the greater the benefits of a TB barrel. Even so, I would sacrifice some consistancy for shot grouping and stability. Well, I realized that an 8.4v would not only make it longer in between shots, but also create a delay time between my pulling the trigger and the gun actually firing. For this reason I will buy a 9.6v, but are the high torque motor, torque up gears and boreup cylinder really necessary? This is the reason I am going with the newest CA release, was the already strong internals. If you believe that those parts are 100% needed, could you tell me exactly what each is for, and what would happen if I did not have it? The post before yours suggests that I may only need a piston head. oh, and thanks for the links to the other foregrips, as well as your input.
  6. Yet again, I find myself in the market for another, different gun. I have heard very good things about CA's newest version release, and I am hoping ot make a bit of a project out of this. I plan on purchasing the Classic Army Full Metal M15A4 Rifle. I am going to replace the carry handle with a TASCO 2.5-10x scope. I am going to attach a harris style bipod to the front sling mount, and replace the foregrip with a G&G V-Match front handgrip. I am also going to get a 6.04mm PSG1 barrel that is either 590mm or 650mm long, and hide the extra barrel with a Knights silencer. Then I am going to put in an m160 (approx 523 fps w/ .2), disable the fully automatic function (making it semi and safe only), and buy some M16 VN mags for it. Now, in theory that's all very easy. In practice, however... that's where the advice I need comes in. I have the following questions; 1) Where can I find a G&G V-Match front handgrip? I've googled it, and can't seem to get anything. If you have any suggestions other than the V-match and the stock grips, let me know. (poweredge USA has a custom rifle very similar to what I am doing. there is a picture of an m16 with the V-match in the Custom Guns section.) 2) Will the knights silencer fit onto a CA m15? will I need any adaptors to allow it fit? 3) A stock m16(m15) barrel is 509mm. Will 590mm (or 650mm, for that matter) be too long to hide entirely with the knights silencer? 4) I can only seem tofind 6.04mm PSG1 barrels. Do they make 6.03 TB barrels, and how expensive do they run? 5) what kind of battery will I need to run a M160 spring? ROF is unimportant since this is, essentially, a SWS. (however imaginary/unrealistic) 6) Will a spring that causes that much stress crack anything inside the gun? like I said, I have heard good things about the newest CA releases, and I was hoping it was strong enough to withstand an M160. 7) what other internal upgrades would I need to install in order to prevent the destruction of the inside of my gun, assuming the answer to 6 is "yes." Please, if you can answer any or all of these questions, I would love to hear it. Thanks
  7. he means M.I.L.E.S. laster system. it is a system where you use slightly modified real-steel M16s that fire blanks, and (I think) the sound causes the laser to fire. I'm by no means an expert, but it isn't the laster tag you're thinking of.
  8. The only reason I would prefer green gas is that it is the only thing readily available near me. How much is a metal slide for the WA m92fs, and how difficult is it to install?
  9. If its a really crappy spring pistol (before you upgraded it), just buy another one... it'll come with a mag.
  10. How reliable/useful is the 3 round burst feature on the KWA m93r?
  11. Could anyone help me out? I am going to be buying a new gbb sidearm, and I love the M92f look. Could someone point me in the direction of some gbb m92fs that can accept green gas in stock form? (and perferrably under $225-$250) Thanks
  12. You didn't even consider the feelings of your local optometrist. Support your local optometrist! don't wear eye protection! (I should probably add a "JUST KIDDING," or I'm going to need a proctologist by the time BP gets through with me. ) (also just kidding. Proctology is nothing to to joke about.)
  13. A smilie may not be enough for a post out of context. Removing that particular smilie-post, however, simply makes the following couple posts complete nonsense. So, in deleting a single post that you feel was inadequate actually created posts that are now inadequate, simply because you do not like in-context smilies.
  14. "hey, mom, dad, at least I'm not doing crack."
  15. The info is pretty cool, I guess, so I thank you for that. I'm not personally going to do anything with it, but someone here might. However, that WAS an "I told you so" smiley.
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