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  1. nevermind I put the old one back in and now its fine
  2. I understand the "if it aint broke" mentality, I subscribe to it... My plastic hop up was being bent the bad DBoys mags I made the mistake of using. They actually bent up the feeder portion. So I opted for a stronger unit. Ideas on fixing or tuning would be more appreciated than criticism. Thanks
  3. So I just replaced the stock plastic hop up on my AGM M4 with a Lonex allunimum one. After reassembly and test fire, the gun now seems to jam up on full auto and lost 150 fps on semi, going from 400 to 250 fps. Does anybody have any ideas why?
  4. F that! I have the same gun! That gun is solid. Finding good magazines that work is just a pain for any gun. Including real steal.
  5. Got the gun, super cool. The gearbox is a bit noisy but its shimmed very nicely. I'm thinking about trying some helical gears just for giggles. Will update if an when that happens.
  6. Actually, the trigger block is there, its just under the arm of the tappet plate. I guess I can try a new trigger spring, but its a brand new gun, there's now way it should be worn out already. Any suggestions on the select fire problems?
  7. So I tried routing the wires between the trigger housing and the trigger itself. No luck. something else is going on now. the trigger resets itself on semi a little easier now but I still have to do it manualy. But now if I go from safe to semi= fires semi, semi to auto= fires auto, but auto to semi= still fires auto. I have to go all the way back to safe before it will fire semi again. Selector plate? Cut off lever? WTF! Now what!?
  8. At that point it wasnt but it was when the gun was put back together.
  9. The wires were under the housing before I added the MOSFET but the old wire were also a lot smaller. It just never looked like the wires would fit between the housing and trigger. I will try try this first to see if it helps. Thanks!
  10. Actually, that's what I was thinking. The mosfet came pre-wired complete with trigger switch. The thickness of the plastic switch housing was too thick for the mounting screw to engage the threads in the gearbox shell so the housing needed to be filed down to make it fit. Then I saw how the wires were pushing up on the housing wo I filed that part of the housing to make more room for the wires there. This helped but itis still too stick to use on semi. I also had to file some of the actual trigger for it to have a better fit to engage the trigger shuttle. I think I will have to go back and make more room for the wires and possibly even more on the trigger. I will update as I go. If anyone has any other words of wisdom, please let me know!
  11. Not the best picks but maybe you can see. Everything looks right to me?
  12. It's all there. I don't think its broken. I will post some picks shortly.
  13. Does anyone know where you can find shims other than an airsoft store? There are no stores around me and I want to get my gun up now. I don't want to wait for shipping.
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