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  1. and what about material ? I have found good priced G&G Combat Machine .... but they are made of polymer or what and with nylon fiber... I wanted something metal to feel realistic :D Is it bad these plastic guns ? Or which one u can say that it is really good ? or I found some metal/plastic JK guns but there is plastic hop-up.. is it okay ? :D I really don't know.. Thanks again :)
  2. I am not sure now the bomb.... :D because I found some AS clubs near to me so I think about real AS playing, too (maybe). what is better for target shooting and playing normal AS in one ? :D so AEG ?
  3. So the answer is ? I wanna spend about 150€ and I want qualit and strong and good AS gun.
  4. Thanks for replies :) But what is better ? :D M4/M16 AEGs or Sniper Rifle ? I am not sure hmm...
  5. Pls reply :( And is it okay that hop up system is plastic ? o.O 426FPS is enough for M4/M16 AEG ?
  6. thx for reply :) it is hard to pull it or what ? :D in real some sniper rifles have to be pulled every time after shot, or not ? :D when I will want sniper rifle which one is good ? I was thinking about dragunov, becaues it looks awesome :3 I need expensive scope or something like this ? thanks in advance :) And what is generally funnier, better ? Sniper or assault rifle ? In AS and in shoting on targets, too :) And are these guns strong ? Because I was watching some videos from AS events and these shoted guys were looking like: "sh*t happen" :D
  7. thanks for replies :) but I cant shot with gbb in winter or? what about manual sniper? I have one spring rifle (Slavia 631 - 102 km/h - starting speed or how to say it :D) but I want something weaker so I am looking for AS :)
  8. What is GBB ? An which one of M16/4 because I found tones of them and I am not sure which is good. And gas powered guns cant be used in winter or not ? Btw: Thanks for reply :) and sorry for my english :D
  9. Hello, I am new in airsoft and I need help. I am not sure which gun should I get. It ll be my firs one. I don't know which one is the best electrical, gas powered or spring guns... I want it for shooting on targets in the garden... But maybe I ll try real AS later. I am not sure.. I was thinking about sniper rifle but I can have assault riffle or pistol, too. I wanna spend about 150 €... And I would like to have metal gun... Thanks in advance :)
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