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  1. Hello, So, I'm getting in the G&G Kar98 (GS980) soon, and plan on using it for a WWII game in upstate New York a few weeks from now. The temp is going to be 20-30 degrees. Its Co2 powered. Will it work? I've read some places that it will work, and others say that it won't.
  2. Hello, Soon, I should be getting an Echo1 "SOF" in, A.K.A. the FAL. Since there really isn't a lot of L1A1 or even classic style, full length FAL's on the market, I was wondering if anyone ever tried to revert one of these modern versions back to to classic style. I wouldn't mind just painting on wood stain on the furniture to make fake wood, but I wouldn't know if there way to swap out the outer barrel and add the carry handle, and that is what I need the help with. I would love to build a L1A1 for an Vietnam era Aussie impression, so if anyone could help out, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Hello, So awhile ago I got one of those Boxes of Scrap/boneyard items from either Evike or Airsoft Megastore. Looking back, I found two sniper rifles, and I can't ID them. Closest I found was the UTG M324/Double Eagle M50, but the magazine seems to completely off. The one that works is shoots 280 with .25, if that means anything. These don't seem to be quality rifles, but if these happen to be maybe a VSR-10 or a BAR-10 clone, I can fix them up and upgrade them later. But if not, oh well. Thanks!
  4. Actually it was the chassis. I had to saw out the trigger hole a centimeter or two backwards. Thank you!
  5. Indeed, I'm sorry. The safety and selectors switch work, but when I pull the trigger I have no electrical response. I'll update OP.
  6. A little history here, if it means anything. I got an old, broken Double Eagle XM-8 from a friend and decided to swap internals from a G36 into it. The G36 was an Echo1 and works perfectly fine by itself, but when I put it in the XM-8, it stops working. It looks like everything is lined up and I've tried both the DE and Echo1 selector switches and gears. Still not working. When pulling the trigger, no electrical response. For good measure, I've also tried fresh new batteries and fuses. Any constructive input on this would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. I cracked open the Gearbox, and everything looks fine. Put it together, and it worked for a bit, then it stopped. Going to try replacing the hop-up next, since when I dry fire it, I feel a rush of air coming out of the end of the barrel.
  8. Thanks, any links to where I can find a "ring terminal", and a possible how-to?
  9. Hello, Sorry if these seems like a stupid question.... I recently got myself a G&P V2 Gearbox, and the motor connectors have this "O" Shape to them, as opposed to the normal "L" shaped ones that slip on over prongs from the motor. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/gandp-switch-as...ml#.U1W8onVdX1E I found this here, and these are the type of connectors I'm speaking of, and it says under details: "Suitable for G&P Motor Only" I looked at other G&P motors online and they all seem to have the standard prongs to accept the "L" shaped slip on connectors. What do I need to do here, and/or what motors do I need to for? Thank you!
  10. Hello, I got a "DBoys Kalash series" AKs-74 in a trade, and it worked fine when I was testing it out, but trouble struck during the middle of a game. It stopped firing, the motor, gearbox, and all that completely cycled, but no BBs. My buddy and I tried different mags, silicon in the hop up and in the mags. No deal. Also, there was an amount of BBs still stuck in the hopup when the magazine was removed. So, I tried messing around with the hopup and still nothing. I'm fairly certain I just need a new hopup, but I wanted to see if anyone else had a situation like this and see what they did to fix it or which brand hop-up was put in. Thank you!
  11. Hello, I've seen elsewhere (mainly Red Alliance) that players/reenactors would mod live steel AK mags to fit them with airsoft mid cap internals. My question is has anyone done this with live steel M4 mags and if so can anyone point me in the right direction? Being in the military, I'd love to have that feel and distinct clanging noises of the live steel mags. Thank you!
  12. Is there a place where I can buy PSG-1 parts like that?
  13. Hello, My mind is fairly set on a PSG1 for my sniper rifle, but only Marui makes them and normally 700 dollars. My question is, are there alternatives to this? The classic style G3's are what the PSG1 is based off of, but I would need to upgrade the stock, barrel, etc etc. Or perhaps a M14 with a body kit on it or something. Thoughts on what I can do?
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