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  1. Ok, I just bought a Stoner 63A off of Evike as well as a 9.6v 5000 battery for it. After ordering I noticed it said it uses Large Deans Connectors. The only ones I saw on Evike are small Deans. Did I miss something on Evike. I need to order a Large Deans Connector ASAP as game is coming up. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could post a link to where to buy it on Evike. Thanks...
  2. I would like to get a couple of repro AN/PEQ-15 laser/light attachments, but it seems all the US airsoft stores charge an arm and a leg. Anyone know of a place that's in the US where I can buy a couple of them? I want them in black and they have to have the laser and light. Thanks.
  3. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm 5"9" 250 pounds and am having a of a time trying to find something to wear. I like the condor chest rigs, but evike says they only go up to xlarge, not chubby large like me. Any large players out there, and if so what do you wear? Thanks.
  4. I think I have a buyer for my AK series M60E3 but was wondering if I can use the US post office for mailing it. Is there any kind of problems I might have since it's an airsoft gun? Thanks.
  5. Thanks guys. I was looking at their Mk18 Mod1's but was wondering about cost of shipping and especially going through customs. What kind of delivery time can I be looking at?
  6. I was wondering if anyone has ordered from UNcompany out of Hong Kong. If so what was your experience? Thanks
  7. The M4 CQB rifle I want to get has a inner bore of 275mm, if I want to replace it with a longer inner bore of say 300mm or even 363mm (I will have a suppressor on the rifle) do I have to mess with the cylinder, or can I just replace the barrel? Thanks.
  8. Does anyone have a list of Airsplats coupon codes? I was told there is a 35% off one but can't find it on their website. Thanks.
  9. What about this one? It's a JG; http://www.airrattle.com/JG-M4-CQB-R-AEG-A...ic-p/jg6624.htm Regular price is $280 and now it's on sale.
  10. I was basically trying for Mk18 Mod 0 type CQB rifle, but also adding on a mock suppressor to get the inner barrel length up to the length of a standard M4 barrel so I can play effectively at a outdoor field. No opinions on the Echo1? I have an Echo1 Platinum Edition M4 and like it's internals and overall build.
  11. Ok, so I have a budget of under $200 and scrolling through Evike I came across these three M4 type CQB's. All are in roughly the same price range after the Evike discount. I plan on putting a suppressor on whatever I buy to increase the inner barrel length. What I need is opinions on them. Which would you go for and why? Thanks! http://www.evike.com/products/45678/ AGM- $190 before the 20% discount. http://www.evike.com/products/45648/ Matrix- $220 before the 20% discount. http://www.evike.com/products/37492/ Echo1- $195 before the 20% discount.
  12. Yeah, I have since received a text from the person I will be buying the M60 from who says it has some good range on it, so the whole issue might be nothing to worry about. He stated it has around 10,000 BB's put down it so it's fairly new. I'm just looking for that one special weapon I can upgrade just in case. I appreciate the heads up on the different brand name inner barrels out there. I know how to adjust the hop-up, so just to be safe I'll take the weapon out to a field on a non-windy day and give it a spin. I was always told heavier BB's will be more accurate but won't go as far as lighter ones. say .25g versus .20g. Is there a specific brand name BB you like going with?
  13. I will be acquiring a m60e3 shortly and the listed range given on evike is 70-160ft. After that the bb's tend to go off in different directions. I was wondering what would help me punch out further, a different spring or a tighter inner barrel. if its the spring, what size should I get? m115, m120, m130??
  14. I would like to buy this pistol from Airsplat; http://www.airsplat.com/items/GP-KJW-608-226.htm and was wondering if anyone could recommend a different inner barrel for better accuracy. I can't find any that are specific to KJW. A provided link would be great. Thanks.
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