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  1. Thanks for the gun suggestion, and the charger idea, but what about different brands and their pros and cons. I would also kinda prefer a SCAR if they are as universal as m4s and m16s. What do you think about them? Any good SCARs out there that meet the prerequisites? Thanks again.
  2. Well, I'm not new to Airsoft, and I have a few guns, but they are all $50> kinda guns. I want to get more into Airsoft, so I need a good gun. I want an Electric gun that is maybe between $175 and $225 (give or take maybe $25). I heard that Echo 1 was a good brand, but I have no clue where to start. I want a good deal, but not a plastic piece of garbage. I don't want a huge gun, but not like a handgun or sub machine gun. I want an assault rifle (Don't want an Ak of any kind, I want some sort of M4, M16, or SCAR variant, or something like them.), and preferably with a magazine that is pretty universal and can be bought at most websites for a good price (M4, M16, and SCAR magazines I heard were pretty universal among brands). 350-400 Fps is fine. Any brand recommendations, personal experiences, specific guns, tips, and info relating to the subject would be great. Thanks for you time and experience. I hope to get back to you soon.
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