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  1. Ok...I didn't really see anything I would give as advice in there, when you say clip, it's not a clip! It's a magazine! Second, use commas and periods, and at least spell halfway decent. This could be a decent guide, if it was organized better and didn't have so much info that isn't really newcomer advice.
  2. I don't think black over UCP (The actual name for ACU) is a problem at all, one of teammates was using it in the last game and it didn't look that bad. By the way, is that a Diamond Tactical vest?
  3. Since the closest field is forty minutes away from me, I usually take my team down, as it's simply too expensive for me to go down on my own.
  4. For boots I have just a pair of response gear SWAT boots, while my gloves are either a no-name glove from harbor frieght or Black Rhino work gloves, both allow for a decent amout of dexterity and protection.
  5. I prefer the M4 because of a couple simple reasons: Feels more natural Amazingly easy and fast reload Modular, practically anything can be attached with minimal modding to the body More aftermarket upgrade parts available I've used Airsoft Aks and M4s, and all in all, I just prefer the M4.
  6. It seems to vary, at first, we were communicating at about a half a mile with understandable, if somewhat static-filled, transmissions, that's possibly the max RELIABLE effective range, on the other hand, I've heard single transmissions with no clarity, just static, at about maybe a mile and a half. Now, compatibility, they use the Kenwood adapter, so you need an adapter that looks like the one in attached image. Any throat mic with that adapter should work.
  7. Radios? Amazon, they have a huge selection of radios and headsets, if just a little higher in price than elsewhere. I personally prefer the Baofeng as a radio, it feels like a brick, sound is crystal clear at long distances, and the interface, once you get used to it and figure out what everything does, is quite intuitive. I don't have any experience with headsets yet, but yeah, Amazon is your best bet, and I personally recommend the Baofeng.
  8. One word: Rainex. Heavy desert conditions and using a full mask, but they almost never fogged, despite ten hours of play spread over a week.
  9. A plate carrier does what it says, it carries ballistic plates, while a tactical vest is basically a lot of pockets to hold your gear. Most Plate Carriers are also MOLLE compatible. MOLLE is a type of customizable unit, with a system of straps and loops, you can change almost anything around, adding or removing pouches as you see fit. This makes them about the same as a tactical vest, but they are far more versital, allowing you customize your loadout for different situations as you see fit. You should get a plate carrier with plenty of MOLLE space, after that, you should never really need another vest or PC.
  10. Not to mention the outright plagirism that I see with some images...
  11. Working on the Gearbox of a Version 2 isn't difficult, it's reassembling it that's the issue. (Curse you, Anti-reversal latch.) G&Gs seem accurate enough, I'd need a bit more info to tell what you need, what kind of range are you looking for? Durability, if you want this gun to last, you need to avoid opening up the Gearbox, that will cause the gun to break down faster than anything else possibly could. The only thing a Combat Machine Lacks is FPS and ROF, depending on your preferences, the latter can be an issue. FPS, yeah, One of my team member's CM16s chrono'd at 280, that's not too good, but if you want more FPS, you need to open up the Gearbox, sacrificing durability. Hope this helps.
  12. I can't tell if you're another Codsofter with ideas or you actually want to see these made into AEGs. I like AEGS, I hate GBB rifles, I like the KRISS vector, but I don't want to see it in an AEG form, simply because it won't work. Some stuff is better left alone. I've never even heard of the Taurus, is it a shotgun? That said, if the AK-12 gets a bit more popular, I wouldn't mind seeing one. Right now, like the posters above,making every variant of every gun isn't feasible, if the Taurus is like an MP5, why not just buy an MP5?
  13. I can't remeber where the field is but there's a shop on Oracle, he'll tell you where the field is. It's an 18 acre CQC field that runs Airsot games every saturday, real fun place to play at.
  14. I focus on what's practical, if it looks like something specific, that's just luck, and currently, I don't even have a helmet, it just presents a bigger target.
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