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  1. I don't think I've logged in here since the early 2000's......Did the Airsoft thing through college and had a great time with it. Gotten into shooting sports and invested in real firearms at this stage of my life. We have a 100 acre ranch in central TX and myself, my son, my brother in laws, and a few others are interested in doing some casual, informal Airsoft combat out there. My question is, what is the best option for a bone-stock weapon if I want reliability, low maintenance, decent performance (velocity FPS whatever y'all call it)? When I used to play, Tokyo Marui was the best in terms of this. Nowdays, I have no idea what's out there. So yeah, I'm looking for the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry of Airsoft AEGs. Something I can play with for a few hours, a handful of times per year, and trust not to break or jam up. Thanks in advance for welcoming back this ancient old member.
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