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  1. Hey guys, so I recently made a post, but it seems no-one wants to respond.. so I'll make a thread which is a bit more specific. So im looking for a VERY good quality mp5 for around 250-350 dollars. Im currently looking at these three! http://www.rodastjarnan.com/airsoft/cm-041sd6-mp5-sd-16465 http://www.rodastjarnan.com/airsoft/cm-041b-mp5-ris-15373 http://www.vapenbutiken.com/?p=4&id=14032 As you can see the mp5 from ''vapenbutiken'' is manufactured by ICS which I've heard are very good manufacturers.. Problem is... There are 0 details about the gun, FPS? Weight and more..... Im looking for a gun that has 400+ FPS and im probably gonna fit a silencer onto it. But I've heard the SD mp5's silencer is only for the looks, it doesnt actually do anything? So what do you guys think? This could also be an option! http://www.vapenbutiken.com/?p=4&id=13874
  2. Hey there, im currently looking for an mp5 with top notch quality (no plastic). I really want material that wont break so easily. I want the inner parts to be very well made. Though im not looking for a normal mp5. Im looking for an mp5 which is not only good at close quarters but can work as good in medium distances. Me and my friends usually play in the woods or in ruined castles. I usually flank the opposite team and come from behind or their sides. Therefor the mp5. But since its the woods I will impossibly be able to avoid long range contact from time to time. SUMMARY OF WHAT IM LOOKING FOR IN THE WEAPON 1. GOOD QUALITY 2. Good precision (I will most likely change the barrel for the weapon for a longer one so the precision is increased) 3. FPS 400+ 4. BUDGET = 300-400 dollars Here's a link on the webbsite I'd very much like to buy a weapon. There are many ICS mp5:s and I was hoping you guys could point out which of these guns you'd say is ''best''. keep in mind 2000kr = 312 US dollars. SO a weapon up to 3000kr is acceptable.. though im not sure 3000 is neccesary. WEBBSITES : http://www.vapenbutiken.com/?p=13&t=4&search=mp5 or the 1 im currently looking on: http://www.rodastjarnan.com/airsoft/cm-041sd6-mp5-sd-16465
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