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  1. worked like a charm, thanks Vulrath!!
  2. Stimy

    Aeg sniper

    I have an SR25 Every modification that has been made was tested first. Took a long time to put together but the end result is something I'm proud of. Will try to post a list of the parts soon
  3. Stimy

    new here

    Nope, but we're planning to go and play in the UK next year for a weekend
  4. Hi, I just bought a Tanaka long magazine for my KJW M700 (non takedown version) But I have a little problem in trying to get it in, it won't stay in as I push it in. I noticed that the front/top of the mag (where the feeding lips are) can be tilted a bit up and down inside the m700 Do I need to do some modification to the magwell in order to get the magazine to fit snuggly? thx
  5. Stimy

    new here

    hi guys, My name is Bent I live in Belgium and have been playing airsoft for about 6 years. I got onto this forum to get more info as we don't have that many good sites on this end of the ocean Currently in the making, KJW m700 on HPA
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