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  1. 226 is an abbreviation of P226. For mags see: http://www.airsoftextreme.com/store/index....1dt72qud5jc5ko7 http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/kj-works-24rd-m...r-p226-gbb.html Also, something I read in a review of the KJW P229 (most likely applies to the P226 as well) that might interest you:
  2. Make sure the lens is strong enough for airsoft BBs. If you end up not liking it, get a Dye i4 mask. Lower profile than most full face masks, you can aim down sights with it, and it's comfortable and won't fog. Only bad thing is the price (upwards of $100) but it's worth it.
  3. Try connecting to the Internet then restarting (closing and re-opening) the program you are having trouble with.
  4. It should work fine, and having the mesh underneath will somewhat help to prevent the shemagh from fogging the goggles. If you wear a shemagh I don't see why you'd need additional ear protection. There are mesh masks with ear protection but they are a bit uncomfortable. Even the ones without aren't perfect but you can bend/cut them to fit you better.
  5. Looks like I could get a LCT for $420 shipped (foxairsoft) or a RS for $456 shipped (ehobbyasia). A G&G would be a bit over $300. Are the LCT and RS going to have significantly more accuracy/range than a G&G/CYMA, and is G&G going to have better accuracy/range than CYMA?
  6. Thank you. Will LCT and RS work with mags and flash hiders produced by other companies? And if I go with RS, do you know where the best place to buy them is?
  7. Thanks. I don't want TM because I don't want plastic. In what order would those four brands (LCT, RS, G&G, CYMA) rank in terms of out-of-box accuracy/range?
  8. I have a budget to some extent, I'm not going to spend $1000. I just don't want to get a $200 gun that ends up being junk if I could get a high end one for $400 instead. I looked into both brands you suggested, it looks like they're hard to find for sale. How is their accuracy going to compare to G&G? Is there anything else better than G&G?
  9. Then what would you recommend? I'm not set on getting one of those two brands, those are just the ones I came up with from asking people and looking around online. If there's something better, that's what I want.
  10. I want to get an AK at some point. I was thinking about getting a G&G because I've heard they are some of the best. However, I also heard that CYMA AKs perform as well as G&G AKs for half the price and without the proprietary parts. I've also heard that G&G's blowback system can cause problems/break. I want something that's real metal/real wood, very accurate, very good range, good out of box, and full size/field gun (I.e. 860-900mm or so). Price isn't much of an issue. Preferably around 400fps out of box but I can get the spring changed if necessary. Some I'm looking at right now are G&G GKM, G&G RK47, and CYMA CM042. Thanks.
  11. From what I've heard KJW makes the best GBBs. They have a P226 and P229.
  12. Sh4dow

    Battery questions

    Alright, thank you for all the info. I'll look into the voltage cutoffs.
  13. Sh4dow

    Battery questions

    Thanks for the info. A few follow up questions 1) Since Balance fully charges the battery, should I just use that every time, and never use the regular Charge mode? Why would anyone use regular Charge mode, is it faster? 2) Is the low voltage warning/cutoff something I use while discharging with a charger, or while using the gun? I don't plan to ever discharge using the charger. 3) Are lipos normally sold with a partial charge? I got mine new on ebay, but I believe the seller said they were tested. It only took a little over an hour to charge, but based on the battery (2000mAH) and the charge rate I set (1000mA) it should have taken two hours.
  14. I got my first AEG a few weeks ago. I got two lipo batteries (2-cell) and a smart charger, but I haven't had the chance to play much yet so I've only had to charge one of the batteries once. My smart charger has 4 modes -- Balance, Discharge, Charge, and Fast Charge. I have a few questions 1) Does 'Balance' discharge the higher half, or charge the lower half, or how exactly does it work? 2) Does 'Balance' just get the two parts of the battery to be equal, at a partial charge, meaning I still have to do the regular 'Charge' after 'Balance', or will 'Balance' fully charge the battery? If the latter, is there any reason to ever use the regular 'Charge' mode? 3) Should I be running my batteries to empty and/or discharging them before charging them to avoid damage, or can I start charging a half-charged battery? I have heard that lipos don't need to be discharged but I just want confirmation. Thanks.
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