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  1. The KWA Mp7 might be a good gun for you. Supposedly it has excellent range for a gun of it size, and a good fire rate. It is also very lightweight and small, perfect for CQB. However, mags are expensive and low capacity, and it is GBB, so be aware of that.
  2. If your new, I'd avoid getting blowback. It adds several parts that are harder to repair when broken. Also, who rated the guns for cqb and field? I'm guessing ASGI did. Just remember, AS is not real steel, longer barrels don't always mean longer range. Also, check out the AUG. It may interest you
  3. Hello ASF, I have come here to ask if you have some good tactics four our four man squad in an upcoming "tournament" against some friends. From what I have gathered from other threads, we should use the "diamond' formation, learn hand signals, and be ready to split up into two separate two man fire teams. Is this good? What else should I know? If it helps, I use either an ics sig 551 mrs, or a A&K SR25 My buddies run a tsd sniper rifle, a cyma ak47, and a vfc scar Thanks in advance
  4. +1 for an SR25 w/ an extended gearbox (CA, G&P, and A&K). The gearbox almost seems to be made for a DMR. The higher air volume is great for long shots, and the shell is very durable. Pair it with a few compression mods, a tbb, and a r-hop and you're ready to roll. Be aware some parts are hard to come by, and the gun is heavy. Don't plan to run around too much with it.
  5. Both Guns should be able to reach out to the distance you specified with no upgrades and a little tuning. And by tuning, I mean adjusting your hop up. If you don't plan to upgrade beyond the tbb, a kwa would be best for you. However, If you want to completely customize your gun, go the G&P. I'd personally go for the G&P-building your own gun from a gearbox is both fun and rewarding, in addition to making your gun feel more like your gun. And if you do decide to go full custom, you always can. Plus it fits all your requirements. P.S- Why replace the motor?
  6. Something similar happened to my p90, and when I re-disassembled, it, it turns out I accidentally crushed the air nozzle.
  7. Hey guys, I'm upgrading my ICS Sig 551, and I was wondering if getting a 509mm barrel over a 363mm barrel would affect my accuracy. If it would, how much would my accuracy be increased/decreased. Also, would this fit in my sig without a suppresor? And how does it stack up to the ver. 2 madbulls? Thanks everyone!
  8. Thanks Boomer! Is it possible to keep the tabs on? Thanks for the AK mag suggestion, but the problem is, I'm using this vest for my m16 magazines, too.
  9. Yes I do. However, if I had to, I would put one sig magazine per pouch, and then clip them once they are outside of the pouch. Hope that helps. Also, if you can recommend pouch that can hold both m16 and sig magazines, please tell me.
  10. Kwa makes great guns out of the box. Especially compared to the alternative you're looking at. KWA will be the much better choice unless you plan to do HEAVY upgrading
  11. I have, but upon getting some mis-information about the threads of a particular gun, I'd rather ask those on the forum who really know what they're talking about. Plus they haven't responded.
  12. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=10928 ASGI claims this pistol to be universla, but can it fit a kwa usp match? I've been looking for a holster for it, and it looks like it might be my lucky day.
  13. A DMR in airsoft is really just a properly tuned and upgraded assault rifle. To truly get a DMR with great results, modding is a must. See the holy grail of building your DMR. The first thing you should do (upgrade wise) is install a tbb and r-hop. Often enough, the results of these two upgrades will satisfy the user enough. Gun wise, I'd recommend an A&K or CA (G&P if you've got the cash) SR25 W/ R-hop, Tbb (509mm is good enough), and compression mods. If your feeling up to it, disable full auto to make it a true DMR. The reason I recommend these particular rifles is the V. 2.5 gearbox (extended V. 2) The extended parts help it reach out and play DMR a bit better then other rifles. Not to mention it looks sweet.
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