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  1. No, not really. Aren't AEPs considered to be sort of cruddy? With the replies that I'm getting, I think that's the best road. I still think that the stick mags can be convenient, but it looks like the pistols themselves have too many issues because they aren't really made now. Thanks for the replies everyone, I think that's all for this board.
  2. Hm, good points. Replacing an entire gun would probably be aggravating.
  3. I was under the impression that smaller mags are easier to carry around and store. Grenade pouches could probably hold a few of them, or even just sticking them under MOLLE webbing could work. Thanks for the suggestion. I still want to try and find one of these types of guns, however. And you say that I will still need extra mags, which, as I said before, are more expensive and large. Could you list the guns that you said, even if they do shoot over the normal limit and are NBB CO2? I want to take a look. Could you tell me why it's not practical so I can understand why it doesn't exist? Is it just because of the strange shape of the mags? I don't see too big of a problem handling these types of mags. I suppose they are more fragile, but due to you being able to carry more of them, it wouldn't matter if one broke every once in a while, correct? I checked it out, the one imported by ATACKA, and it looks extremely nice. Too bad the price is out of my range.
  4. No reservoir GBBs? That's a shame. I want to use a reservoir because I don't mind having a larger pistol grip, and maintaining a single reservoir would be much easier than maintaining a bunch of gas mags. Not that big of a problem, but eh, why not. Also, the mags used for reservoir guns are way skinnier than other ones, making storing them much easier. Furthermore, the magazines are way cheaper.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. You said that there are new guns based on these old designs, like what, like what newer airsoft pistols are not gassed from the mags? Reason being that a good amount of the guns you recommended, such as the Gletcher APS and the HFC Colt 1908, aren't really field ready (shoots 4.5 mm steel BBs and has extremely low FPS respectively). Also, any GBBs? Thanks for the help.
  6. Hiya guys, I'm looking for a nice secondary to go with my AK, and I was thinking that a GBB or GNBB pistol would be fine. However, I'm interested in a special type of pistol, one with the gas reservoir built inside the pistol grip of the actual gun. Meaning that instead of gassing up the magazines I would gas up the pistol itself. Kinda like this: . It could be Green Gas/Propane or CO2, it really doesn't matter to me. My budget is 100 USD tops and I'm planning to use this in a CQB environment. It'd be nice to see a more unique model of pistol, such as a Makarov or something, but considering how I can barely find any guns that fit this spec I'm assuming that they will mostly be 1911's. Any suggestions on which kind of guns that have this feature would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. After reading what MP5User said and mad scientist too, I'm looking for some AEGs.
  8. I've heard that the Combat Machine internals were pretty bad though? Then again, the gun is upgraded, so that might not be a problem anymore. Any idea on what FPS it shoots at? Also, I think I found it, but I'm not sure. I'll send you a PM with the link. Thanks.
  9. Hm. Ok then. I got the impression from a few videos that GBBs are pretty loud, but maybe not. I'm still concerned with the amount of gas GBBs use, still.
  10. Thanks for the input. I don't know much about modding, however, I have built a computer and messed with other things. I'd be a bit more comfortable with a gun that's already good to go, but I could try. And, what about the pistol I listed above? Do you know if it's any good? And for using an AEG, I don't know if I want to get into this sport, so I don't know if investing in an AEG this early is good. Also, all the JG AEGs I found were over 120 dollars, which is a bit over my budget. Still, I might go for one. Thanks as well. I've looked into some Tokyo Marui's, but from what I can see, they're a little expensive. I'll hunt around a little more. Also, I heard that using Propane on a Marui pistol wasn't a good idea, due to their fragility? And, for the AEG argument, I'm not quite certain if I'm going to be investing in an AEG this early because I don't know how long I will be playing this sport. Still, I might try.
  11. Hey all! I'm looking to finally get into airsoft. I've had a spring pistol and shotgun in the past, but never went to any games or anything. However, my interest is now revitalized and I want to start playing some CQB games with a gas pistol. Here's what I'm trying to find in such a gun: 1) Less than or equal to 350 FPS - Tac City, my local CQB area, requires this according to their website. 2) Nonblowback - I'm looking to save on gas (likely going to use propane) and the loud sound will likely irritate some people in my neighborhood. 3) Uses Green Gas/Propane - I haven't heard good things about C02, like the case's fragility. 4) Less than 80 USD - I'm just starting, I don't want to splurge on a sport that I might not be doing often. I suppose I could bump my budget up to 100, but that would be a stretch. I've researched a bit, and I have found this for only 40ish USD: a "Y&P M9 Gas Non Blow Back Airsoft Pistol" available on AirSplat, ShortyUSA, and Evike. But, all of their FPS recordings are different, at 320 FPS, 350 FPS, and 360 - 400 FPS respectively. Can anyone who owns this gun give tell me the actual FPS using propane (I heard that propane a bit stronger than Green Gas) and .20 BBs? I've looked at YouTube, but none of the videos seem to chronograph this M9. If you guys know better pistols that meet the conditions above, I'd appreciate it if you let me in on it. Thanks!
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