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  1. So I have a new inspiration for a russian kit using an MSA millennium gas mask. I've seen these used by people in airsoft before for a umbrella corps loadout. My question is, do they make a tinted NZ rated lens for a MSA mask or is it already rated for airsoft? Another question I have is will a airsoft gas mask filter with a built in fan screw into this mask? Also any links to the mask or the tinted lens would be appreciated.
  2. The full size 74 with plastic stock, and whats a 2S lipo?
  3. This was very helpful and I hope they release the suppressor soon. I think I'll settle with something like this. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/angry-gun-fn5-7-silencer-adaptor-outer-barrel-silver.html#.WMMl8W_yuUk
  4. Yeah put testing it out I can tell that shortening the motor spring would help it reach. I'm going to try this out along with the spacer.
  5. Can a after market Tokyo Marui threaded barrel work inside a Marushin Co2 5-7?
  6. Tokyo Marui VSR-10, JG Bar-10, or if your trying to be cool a Beta Project M200.
  7. Looking for any of this stuff Madbull Daniel Defense L85 Rail Madbull M9A1 Hitman compensator Wilson combat beretta grips TF3 armor ICS Galil AR E&L AK-74 Tokyo Marui High Cycle ASG 805 Bren (All tan or all black) FNX Accessories (Trijicon style RMR, Osprey suppressor 16mm, surefire pistol light in tan) Steel MEU combat hammer MOSFET fusion engine PTS stock cheek riser (Tan) Magpul stock butt extension stick lipo 11.1v (Fit AK gas tube) XTM rail covers enforce clone (Tan) PTS selector switches (for VFC SCar) Ambi M4 release NVG's (real or those funky 4 sided replical)
  8. So theres a gap between the motor and the gear box with this new grip. Motor hight is fully tightened and I still get just a squeal, anybody successfully attached this grip to a VFC Scar?
  9. So the ICS L85 has no treads and I really want to put a suppressor on it. I know they sell threaded barrels but that's like $40. Im looking for either an adapter or a QD suppressor that will fit over an L85 flash hider.
  10. So when I first saw this gun hit the airsoft market the Wilson Combat M9 came to my mind. Mostly because of the round trigger guard, so I want to put real Wilson M9 grips and the Socom Gear Hitman Comp. So what I'm asking is, will real steel grips fit this gun? Also will the Socom M9 Hitman Comp, which requires you to replace the recoil guide rod, work on an Elite Force?
  11. I know this post is from 2013, but do you still have this?
  12. Looking for one for under $100.
  13. Looking high and low for an Realsword Type 97 to buy used here in the states. Also looking for a Maruzen P99, PPQ, Po-9, VFC M416, ICS Galil.
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