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  1. Hmmm. The FNC does look very nice, but it doesn't look very CQB fitting. I'm now starting to lean towards a Tokyo Marui SOPMOD M4. The reason I'm leaning towards it is because it has a couple things that not all AEGs have on the field. First is the blowback. Now I know there's many AEGs with blowback now, but this isn't your low quality G&G standard blowback from a Combat Machine or Raider. TM's blowback also has a nice recoil effect that was recently brought up from KWA. The thing about KWA is that it would be very difficult to upgrade and such so that's why I'm staying away from that company. TM however doesn't seem to need any upgrades, except for maybe the barrel and battery. The problem with the battery is that it's a custom 8.4 1600 mAh piece of poo battery only fit for the SOPMOD. If I wanted to get a 9.6, I would need to get a custom battery which I have no idea where to get. If you guys know someone or place that makes custom batteries, please let me know. Comments? Suggestions?
  2. Well, I do appreciate all the answers, and I guess mostly all the guns I listed will need internal work of some sort. I honestly don't know what platform/company would be best. It seems like that the TM AUG would be the best, which is really something I hadn't plan on getting nor really wanting to get. I guess I should just get an high-end M4 and customize it internally and externally to meet my needs like trigger response, ROF, G-hopping and r-hopping, etc. Again I do appreciate the responses, but I think I might as well just get an M4 since I still have a lot to learn about Airsoft teching and such.
  3. Awh. Well that's a downer to hear that the Masada will need internal work..and I'll think about going AK. I wasn't always the biggest fan of Aks. Yes, they are really awesome guns if bought from the right manufacturer, but I don't want to be running around with an AK just because of personal opinions and weight issues. What do you guys think about the VFC/TM Scars?
  4. Alright guys, so about a month ago I made a topic on building a honey badger which is a custom M4. After a little bit of thinking, I've decided that I want to be unique, like having a gun that not a lot of people in the arena have. Now the only problem with being "unique" is that since they are different guns (Meaning different Gearbox Variants), and I don't know what model/company to start with. With a price range of 400-600 dollars, I really want a top notch AEG that hopefully doesn't look like your common M4. There was one gun that I honestly never really see be talked about on forums. The Masada. The Masada really caught my eye was because...well...Look at it! http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=7521 It's a beautiful gun and is externally made from Magpul, which is the company that everyone seems to love from their grips, accessories, hand guards, etc. Is this gun really worth the $500? What company makes the internals? What makes this gun so expensive? If the internals aren't nice and trustworthy, then I'm not getting it. I really want an AEG with an extremely reliable gearbox and interns. Honestly, the internals are FAR more important than the externals. Like a JG. Internals are great for upgrading and such, yet the externals aren't really the best. Then there's the VFC 416 that also has a very nice reputation and doesn't look exactly like a common M4, even though the 416 is major product improvement of M4/M16-type carbines. Now I'm pretty sure that the VFC has better externals since VFC has always been known as probably the best externally made guns on the market, but the Masada must be nice as well since Magpul has taken part into the project. Which gun is really worth the 400-500 dollar purchase? Please be completely honest and have accurate facts, and please correct me if I made a mistake about the guns. I really want the Magpul more than the 416, But if the 416 has better internals, then I'll be getting the 416 over the magpul. The environment will normally be in a CQB arena, which is perfect for the 416 and Masada CQB Variant. Thanks! -Bear
  5. The G&G would not be a good choice. The internals are soft and break easily, not the mention the ROF is quite horrid as well. The XCR would be a better choice, even though Echo 1 is mostly rebranded crap. (Not saying that the gun is crap, but the rebranding they do is off the charts with different companies)
  6. G&G Combat Machine is not a good choice. The internals are soft and break extremely easily. However, the Combat Machine has some of the nicest polymer bodies I've ever felt. Unless he wants to nearly replace everything on the Combat Machine internally, He should stick to the Lonex, King Arms, or G&P suggestion. KWA is good too but their AEGs are a bit overpriced and are difficult to find parts for.
  7. I think I'll leave out the Polar Star for now and wait until I get more knowledge and years of experience. Which stock would look nicest? A B They both look weird and a little fugly, but will match the Honey Badger look. Can you guys also recommend me some gear manufacturers? Vest, Combat shirt, pants, boots, etc.
  8. I wasn't sure if it really was based off a SCAR, it's just based off from what I heard. Being a beginner, I just gave my opinion and what I learned. I didn't know that the self-shimming gears were horrid, and now I've learned that VFC isn't really all that great. Go ahead and listen to EDI 1st, He obviously knows a lot more than I do.
  9. Hm. Not the biggest fan on how it requires an external tank, although I hear they are extremely good. What's a good site where I can find some good Polar stars? I'm interested.
  10. Very well. Have fun! I'm sure you'll have a lot of people complimenting and asking what the heck you are using. :P
  11. I believe it was actually based off the SCAR, although it does like like an M4 on steroids. Now if you save up quite a bit, you can get the full metal version which has VFC internals instead of the standard Echo 1 internals you get with the Poly. But the full metal is around 400$, so I don't know if you want wait or just get the poly. Honestly, I would save up because the difference from the Polymer version and the Metal version changes dramatically internally and externally. Let me remind you that VFC has probably some of the best externals out there, and some of the best internals as well. Yes there will be some problems down the road internally, but nothing that will cost your fortunes to repair. Here's a picture of the full metal. As you can see, a PEQ box is already included since it is not rear-wired. I don't find this as an issue, and makes the gun even more awesome looking, but that's just my opinion. Let us know what your decision is!
  12. Apologies Airborne101. And I haven't seen anything with G&P doing that Hunter, I'll look it up. G&P internals are pretty nice as well, and I'll definitely look at your manual. Thanks!
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