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  1. Thanks for informing me on the upgradeability. I don't really know much about the parts for any GGBR, but from what you have told me, it sounds promising and worth looking into. I appreciate the support!
  2. An AEG does not appeal to me for several reasons. The first being the gearbox. AEG's have a small delay from when you pull the trigger, to when the rifle fires. (I may not be the owner of a rifle, but I know what differences a GBB and a AEG have. One of my closest friends owns a couple gas and electric rifles, so I get to use them when I vist.) I was drawn to GBB because of this. The second reason, is recoil. Most electric rifles do not have recoil. (Unless you want to spend 550$ on a Tokyo mauri) Personally, I do not like this because it makes me feel as though I am Arnold Schwarzenegger or chuck Norris in an 80's action movie. No bullet spread whatsoever, and the magazine never runs dry either. That brings up another think I dislike. The magazine size. Gas magazines hold an amount of ammo that is accurate to the real gun. This teaches you to conserve your ammo. Most electric rifles come standard with a magazine of at least 300 bb's. I was planning on using Co2 cartridges, so matinance should be a little easier that if I was using standard propane. Thank's for the suggestion and I appreciate the help, but I don't think I will be purchasing an AEG in the future! Thank's for the suggestion and feedback so quickly, I appreciate it. Have a nice day.
  3. This is my first forum post here, so I have decided to ask for your advice on my first airsoft rifle. I have been looking around for awhile at rifles, and I have decided I don't want to take the path of an AEG and go straight for the more realistic GBBR's. In my looking around, I stumbled upon the VFC version of it. Here's the stats: UN Special-Umarex HK416 D14.5RS GBB Rifle Material: Aluminum, Steel, Plastic Magazine Capacity: 35 Rounds (6mm) Length: 805-887mm System: Gas Blowback Fire Mode: Semi / Full Auto Hop Up: Adjustable Muzzle Velocity: 430-450 FPS with 0.2g BB /Top Gas Price is 362 USD (stats from www.uncompany.com) I don't feel like paying more than 300$ for my first gun, so I snooped around some more until I found the WE version of it Here's the stats: WE HK416 Gas Blow Back Rifle (Open Bolt/Black) (WE-4168) Material: Full Metal with Plastic Stock & Grip System: Gas BlowBack Fire Mode: Semi / Full Auto Hop-Up: Adjustable Velocity of Muzzle:420-440 FPS (with 0.2g BBs & Top Gas) Length: 768-850mm Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds (6mm) The WE version of the HK416 is not licensed by heckler and koch, however, the VFC version is. I have also heard that the WE version has reliability issues with the internals. Furthermore, some reviews on VFC GBB's have said that although they may have a higher muzzle velocity, they tend to have more muzzle spread. So I am left with a decision that gives me either an unusable rifle, or a rifle that can't hit anything. For clarification, I am not interested in AEG's, sorry I did not clarify that before. If anyone had compared these two hk's before, your info would be greatly appreciated
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