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  1. Hallo friends, I write from Italy to warn everyone to be very far away from AsiaAirsoft shop. The web site is really pretty and prices seem convenient but prey your god do not have problems with them after purchase. I ordered on december 2015 an Ephaestus M4 Trigger set spending 77$ and receiving an Ephaestus AK47 Trigger set. At the beginning they said they would sent the correct item or refound money. Four months and a lot of emails later I didn't see anything and they no longer answer to my emails. So I say again: if you like risk and bettings buy from them, if you like reliability and honesty STAY FAR AWAY FROM http://www.asiaairsoft.com
  2. Sigh... I'm afraid. I wil continue to serch and try to solve the problem. I'm sure there must be something to do. The rifle is solid and nothing move or wobble. It seems that mounting outer barrel precision decrease. But if the outer push the inner in a direction I espect to see all shots deviated in that direction, not random.
  3. Hi, I'm writing from Italy about some problems with my M700 Take Down. I can't reach a good shts concetration on the target. Reading a lot of posts in this forum I upgraded the rifle with G&G stricker spring and seal, Falcon bucking, spacer for inner barrel, tried 3 type of inner barrel and a lot of BBs types. On the way I found this fondamental problem (in my case) http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Question...JW-t161678.html Unfortunately the rifle didn't mantain the concentration reported in the picture. As I told in the previous post I tried to change the inner barrell using a Prommy 6,01 425 mm and a Madbull ultimate 6,01 650 mm. and now I'm using a Lonex 6.03 650 mm. With all the barrel I obtain some good shots but also a lot of flyers without a sense: some high, some low, right, left. Now I'm using 0,43 Guarder BBs with propane obtaining about 370 Fps, around 3 J at 17 c°. I noted that it's better to shoot at least two times with the magazine unloaded before to shoot at the target becouse the first 2 shots usually are flyers. I tried also with an air rig at various pressures but without great results. Some suggestions? I hope in the experience of Brainplay and others old airsoft snipers. Help me please.
  4. I resume this old 3d I found searching help. First of all: I'm italian so excuse my english. A month ago I bought a M700 Take Down and I was really disappointed for accuracy. At 30 ft shots arrived in a circle of about 11". A DISASTER! I was desperate: in this situation it was impossible also to resell it. I haven't picture of targets becouse I feel shame about shoots. I tried a lot of experiments. First of all I had some improvement removing the muzzle tap #1 on the end of the outer barrel. I think it causes airflux problems being tighter than inner barrel. I suggest to drill #1 at 9 mm diameter. I used a A+ bucking: nothing better. Then I changed the inner barrell using a Prommy 6,01 425 mm and a Madbull ultimate 6,01 640 mm. Nothing gone better. I thinked there were problems with outer barrell (maybe twist?) So I tried in this way Nothing! Bad results with both inner barrels. Then I remembered I read something about the length of the nozzle. I verified it just arrived NEAR the edge of the bucking so I decided to extend it of about 3 mm (0,11 inch). In this way nozzle penetrates just a little in the bucking. You have tu warm the base of the nozzle with a little gas lamp to rimove it. Of course before you have to remove the rubber seal on the bolt. I have a little lathe: this is the result In this way the rifle finally starts to shoot seriously This is the result on a A4 paper sheet at 10 m 32 ft. On high left 10 shoots Madbull 0.36 (Bleah!) On low right 10 shoots 0,32 Royal 5,95 mm. Madbull inner barrel continues to shoot bad. I'm waiting for 5,93 BB's to see if it goes better. However the point is that extending nozzle in my rifle drammaticaly increased accuracy! In my case a fondamental mod. Without it every other upgrade should be a nonsense. Before this work to blow a rice grain in the tube of a Bic pencil was more accurate than shoot with my rifle. Now I can think about it as a really sniper base. This is my experience, pheraps I was unlukily and I found a particular rifle but I hope this can help someone.
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