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  1. Deffinately want to play with you guys sometime, I play with about 6-10 but there would only be a couple people that wouls d want to travel to play, but I would deffinately want to play preferably "with" you guys (no homo) lol in the spring when my guys have gotten more stuff, same with me, im 16 and the other couple are 15-16. Just let me know sometime about you guys and location and gear/gun style if we ever got to maybe merge into a larger group. hope to talk to you more soon - Jake, Sheridan, IN.
  2. Hey man my name's Jake and I go to sheridan, I'm 16 getting closer to 17, I have a decent little group that I airsoft with, reply back if maybe you'd want to play a hair after christmas and from spring all the way to winter next year, pretty much everybody takes an off season in the cold haha, just reply back or preferably send me a message, or email me at jakeolvey@<PLEASE DO NOT POST YAHOO ACCOUNTS IN YOUR MESSAGES> Hope to maybe play with you soon - Jake
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