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  1. Never mind, gonna go with the FLT bushings since someone confirmed they work well with the KWA gearbox.
  2. I'm currently using a 11.1 lipo with deans and a 3034 apex garter mosfet, and I already have a ball bearing spring guide. Brill only has the 14 tooth piston so I think I'll just go with that. Thanks for the info guys, if anyone has any experience with the Retro Arms bushings and KWA M4's, please let me know, I would prefer to buy all my parts from one site.
  3. Does anyone know what kind of 9mm bushings work with KWA M4's? So far the only 9mm bushings I have seen are FLT and retro arms from brill armory and 5ku from Evike. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. My parts list as of now is... SHS 13 1 ZCI Hi Torque (22 TPA) M120 SHS 15T Blue piston with metal rack and piston head (ported) Lonex cutoff lever Anyone see any problems so far? (overspin etc.) Thanks for the help, this is gonna be my first build!
  4. Oh whoops, I meant 11.1 lipo. I'll ask my local techs to see how much it would cost.
  5. Hmm... So I would still need to install a MOSFET on a stock gun to use a MOSFET. Do you think I should just stick with my current KWA SR7 and install upgrades like a MOSFET, Lonex motor, and accuracy related upgrades?
  6. Thanks for the info guys. I currently own 3 11.1 lipos and would prefer to not buy new batteries. Are G&G M4s TM-spec and do they have decent internals? And does the MOSFET have to be in the gearbox or could it be a MOSFET connected to the battery like this? http://www.evike.com/products/49578/
  7. I currently own a stock KWA SR7 and I would like to buy a new AEG that is compatible with more TM based aftermarket parts in case something breaks. What would be the most reliable/durable stock M4 that can handle a 11.1 lipo and shoots under 400 fps? Performance is much more important to me than aesthetics. I have been looking at Lonex M4s (Airsoft GI FMG4), ICS, Krytac, and G&P. What do you guys recommend?
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