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  1. Budget: Up to $250 Model Preference: This JG MP5 Cost: $60 with coupon or this G&G MP5 Cost: $180 currently Where you play: CQB and Field? Role: Same as above nothing in particular. Background: I do know how to work on airsoft guns so this is my biggest question. Which gun would be my best bet even though I could upgrade every parts in each gun? I kinda thought the JG would be great for such a cheap price currently. But I really like the quality of the externals with the G&G. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I'm looking into getting back into airsoft. I was looking to get an M4 along with a battery and charger for about $200 for everything. So I was looking around different forums and a lot of people say you should get a G&G combat machine and some say get an ICS sport line M4. My question is which one will be overall better out of the box? I plan to do internal and external upgrades overtime. So which gun is compatible with parts? If anyone has other thoughts on what M4 I should get please inform me. :) Thanks!
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