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  1. Alright, although I don't believe that DMR's are the most expensive, I can say that it is cheaper to make than upgrading a vsr10/l96 base to a long range gun that out ranges a good AEG. My only issue is that my field allows 400fps. Will this present an issue? The field requires their ammo and no outside ammo from what I remember.
  2. I'm aware that DMR's aren't bought premade I'm looking for a good base gun to build off of over time. My current budget is $210 but it will grow over time and I would invest in parts as time progresses.
  3. So I'm a fairly new player to airsoft and I've only been to a playing field twice and I borrowed a friends backup M4. I'm a marksman type of person and was a decent marksman for my woodsball team I used to play in before I gave paintball a rest. I've been looking at "Sniper Rifles" on Evike, Airsplat, and Airsoft Megastore and after reading dozens of threads that I'd be investing $200 extra ontop of the $90-$150 base for a better build, but still would be pretty useless against someone using a AEG. I'm looking into building a DMR instead because it seems other more knowledgable players suggest them over bolt action rifles. Is there a good receiver and stock and outer barrel I should invest in? I'm looking at a gun for basic marksman roles, small skirmishes with friends and occasional plinking. I'd like to go off a M4 with a durable plastic body but preferably a metal body and a longer than usual barrel. Is my budget too low or is my build possible?
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