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  1. The original barrel was about 180mm so it was a significant lengthening. I’m new to the ICS split gearboxes, do they use the same bore up cylinders as the usual v2 gearboxes?
  2. Howdy, My issue is low FPS on a new unfielded ICS CXP M4, Normal FPS was supposed to be 360-390. But here is what I did, I turned the CXP into an SPR and added a madbull 509mm 6.01 tbb, and thats it for now. I took it to the shop to chrono and then field test, 298 FPS and a 72 pace range which translates to roughly 150ft. Im hoping someone has some insight into why the FPS is so low and what I can do to fix it. Thanks!
  3. Hey, been a few years since I've been into airsoft so things have probably changed around a lot. Was hoping to get the rundown on best to worst brands for general quality. When I was In the game Classic Army was reliable, KWA was the Coolaid and Tokyo Marui was alway out of stock. What's the current state of affairs for brands? Thank you!
  4. I have an Iron Airsoft produced Matrix distributed Lee Enfield im looking to trade off. Worked a few games then the mag started leaking, had someone look at it and try to fix it but didnt. So the mag leaks. Also some machining was done to the bayonet lug for proper fitting. So those are the only two problems/modifications. Still a great gun for someone with the know how and time of which I have neither, or someone who can get their hands on another mag. Just looking to trade it. Pm offers.
  5. Looking to buy or trade for any internally broken AEGs. Meaning broken or missing gearbox, hopup, wiring, motor. Looking for the externals to be completely intact but use blemishes are acceptable. Possibly missing external parts acceptable depending on the make/model. Pm me your offers w/ details and ill get back to you ASAP. Pics of offers would be appreciated.
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