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  1. Looking to fund an FR-S so therefore everything must go, price is negotiable on everything so don't hesitate to pm me, I am shipping from 60659 zip code. Buyer covers shipping 2 of my primaries: -- Tan & Black CA M15A4 with lonex a1 torque motor magpul furniture, SHS 16:1 gears. Flip up sights & EOTECH REPLICA (FUNCTIONING), a madbull noveske amplifier. This thing is a reliable primary that has served me well in a ton of games it cycles perfectly and has been always properly maintained. -- $300 -- Black CA M15A4 High Speed Gun. 12" Madbull rails. SHS 13:1 gears. Classic Army Yellow piston (swiss cheesed). Shoots 28-30rps comes with a 7.4v 40c lipo all wired to deans. Secondaries: KSC GLOCK 17 Never Fielded Shot a Few Times. $125 KWA ATP V2 : 100$ Both will come in original boxs with 1 mag each. Mags 25$ A piece for those two. I have 4 mags for sale. Various Thunder B (Im pretty sure there is 1 whole thunder b in there) 10$ Takes it 375mm Raven PDI M4 Inner Barrel -- 40$ Stock M4 Brass Barrel -- 5$ M4 Hi-Caps 5$ a piece KWA K120s -- 7$ each M4 HICAP 5$ -- Matrix M120 Spring (NEW) $5 -- SHS V3 Bearing Spring Guide $10 -- Lancer Tactical Metal Gearbox With SHS spring guide, Matrix Piston wired with 16 awg silver wire $30 -- SHS 16:1 Gear Set $12 -- SHS 100:300 Helical Gear Set $12 -- Angels's Custom 363mm Barrel $20 -- Tenergy Smart Charger $10 -- MagPul EMAGS $5 EACH -- ACU Pouch $10 --G36 Mag $8 More to come stay tuned guys!
  2. I have an Echo1 G36k I would be willing to sell, has a 6.03 tbb installed most marui compatible parts will fit in this as it is a JG rebrand
  3. Its exactly the same mate, in fact if its cheaper on evike get it there mate, I did not know evike carried the CCW one.
  4. Its exactly the same mate, in fact if its cheaper on evike get it there mate, I did not know evike carried the CCW one.
  5. Nope, they have it in CCW http://us.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airso...r_Black_CCW.htm its just a tad more expensive. The KX3 sounds much better imho, but best would be to find someone at your local airsoft that has on, mount it on your gun and see
  6. Zem im 19 and I agree with what you just said. I learned from a young age that there are two ways of arguing with women, neither of which works. So its better to shut up and pretend like youre gonna do what they want and then do whatever the hell you want. --edit-- most b**ches aint s**t (but hoes n tricks) these days #QFT, learn young padawan he speaks wisdom
  7. Hey guys, I'm just curious how many rounds you guys have put through your aegs. I actually kept track haha. I own a Classic Army M15A4 SV with an M120 spring. I've put over 150k Rounds through it, the only thing I've to replace is a piston(75k rounds in) and hopup buckings.
  8. Danners, I have a pair of TFX GTX 400g boots from danner and they are by far some of the most comfortable boots I have ever worn, they keep me relatively warm in the winter and not to hot in the summer, they also make a version without the 400g of insulation. Have a goretex liner and are extremely breathable yet waterproof. I bought them on reccomendation from some guys at my field who had served in the middle east. I can say I am not disappointed by these boots and I highly reccomend them to you. Also danner pays for return shipping if for some reason they do not fit, and they will do so until you get the right fit. But if you measure your feet and use the sizing chart you shouldnt have a problem
  9. I know the difference between the KFH and KX3 is the fact that the KX3 is adjustable and you can kind of adjust the pitch of the sound, the KFH just gives a thump, I have both and would reccomend the KX3 just beacause it gives to ability to adjust the tone to your liking. I have no experience with G&P so I cannot comment on that one.
  10. I got my multicamo hydro dip kit and did my phone case first as a test came out pretty well for a first try and I learned alot: For the Custom M4, im thinking of just dipping the rails and the stock in multicam what do you guys think? Ideas suggestions anything?
  11. you tell her hey we're both beautiful people we were meant to be, lets go shoot each other with BBs.... If all else fails tell her you're well endowed and u drive a ferrari LOL.... Moral of the pointless story. Say something stupid but funny, its usually the best ice breaker after that its all confidence, small chat then the second time you see her small chat, bring up guns see how she feels about them and go from there. --Edit-- What ever you do not talk about your airsoft guns in detail like the airsoft nerds we all are.... If she does yes then do not come fully 100% geared out the first time, you will have her thinking you're looney, trust me on this,
  12. o my bad I thought it said 7.4 lipo, I don't have any 11.1 lipos but otherwise I wouldve lol
  13. LOLOLOL WeeGee, ATL got an inch of snow and its lockdown, meanwhile in chicago we got an inch in the last 10 minutes rofl
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