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  1. Hey guys and girls! Before I start I want you to know I'm NOT an airsoft guru. I haven't played professionally or on a team (I just turned 18) but I've been playing with friends and my brothers for 7-8 years (Yes I played since I was an annoying kid). I have experience in bad gun choices, bb choices, and gear choices and I'm to tell you what you should consider when buying online. I'll split it up into 3 sections: Guns, BBs, and Gear. So without further ado, Let's Begin! GUNS I could make another forum on this alone, but I'll keep in simple so you don't get discouraged by all the details. Some people would argue with me that I shouldn't start off with the gun first, but I feel that if you get the gun, you can play a lil and see if airsoft is really right for you. When looking for a gun, I like to keep a couple things in mind: construction, customization, fps, and always always ALWAYS read the reviews that people have posted about it. If the pros outweigh the cons, STILL be wary. Here's a couple quick tips: Find a gun style you don't mind having for a couple years. Electric is best for beginners and is reliable. Rail man. Rails. Find your class; Assault, CQB, Support Construction Most guns are made of a plastic material (low end), a polymer material (mid to high end), or metal (mid to high end). A low end gun is usually spring (:censored2: it every time you want to fire. Snipers are the exception here), has a very low fps, and typically you have to be within 20 ft to hit anyone with it. Mid to high end guns are made of a polymer or metal or even a blend. They are typically a higher fps but that's not necessarily a good thing. Most places where you can go and play, like fast action airsoft, puts a limit on how hard a gun can shoot for safety reasons. Thats why you can look at a $500 gun and see 350 fps and turn around and see a 100$ gun shoot 400. if you want it to last awhile, you'll want to get a metal/polymer construction. Customization Rails, rails, rails man. That's the majority of this section. Sure, you could LOVE the Ak-47 look and want that sweet wood finish that makes it look THAT much cooler, but when you play with your buddy that has the M4 with a tac light, red dot sight, laser and foregrip, that ak seems a lil lacking. I was that guy. TWICE. First time I got a gun other than that shotgun from walmart, I bought a AUG. I loved it, but my friend had a G36c with all the bells and whistles. Needless to say that AUG was looked at in a different light from there on out. Next time was an AK that I just HAD to have (thanks Modern Warfare 2). I immediately regretted it when I couldn't put anything on it. After rails, find a gun style you don't mind spending a couple years with. Most choose the M4 because it's small, easy to use, has a crap ton of things for it, and the most iconic gun in my opinion. I got a SCAR-L for myself last year because it benefits from all the M4 stuff, but looks SWEET. FPS Bigger is not always better. A lot of airsoft places and tournaments only allow fps to a certain point. 400 is a good, hard hitting fps, but I prefer 350-400. Anything over that and you might as well be buying a sniper rifle. BBs There isn't a whole lot to say on this. There are all types of weights of bbs that affect how accurate they are. Seamless are best; they don's allow for breakage inside the gun. .12 are crap. DO NOT BUY. .20 and .25 are what I use most, but there are heavier. I'd stick to those for a rifle for awhile. There are also big degradable bbs. You'll need to keep those babies in a cool dry place or they will warp and jam your gun. A lot of people prefer those. And just in case you don't know, DON'T REUSE BBS!!!!!!!!! I can't stress that enough. I've done it. It dirties your internals and causes all sorts of problems. GEAR My favorite thing about airsoft is all the sweet gear. I don't usually pay attention to brands, just looks. Lets start from the head Eye protection is a must. I got Army of Two Yellow Smiley mask. Be careful with those. They are awesome to look at but hard to see out of. I'd recommend Save Phase or Dye if you have a little money to spend. Vest isn't necessary, but they can give you lots of places to hold essentials like extra mags, speed loaders, etc. If you don't want to customize it yourself, there are pre-made ones. I bought the matrix modular vest so I could make it how I like it. I'd strongly recommend it. I bought Urban and Black BDUs to complete the look, but you don't have to. Jeans and a shirt can make a Merc look so it's not important THINGS TO AVOID Uncustomizable guns Poor gun construction Matrix MK46 (Idk if it was just me, but there were A LOT of problems with it.) .12 bbs Reusing bbs Army of Two Mask replicas Again, this is all my opinion. I have nothing against any particular brand or style of gun. I'm telling you from my personal experience. Reply and ask questions or offer other advice. And if your not happy with my guide, then leave the topic. Comments about how I'm an idiot doesn't help anyone. Hope this helped
  2. Hey guys I'm Twood and I'm new to the forum. I'm from Texas and have been playing backyard airsoft for about 7-8 years with my friends in a semi-urban environment as well as heavy wooded areas. I'm here to learn and post a guide about what not to do (I've made quite a few mistakes). I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!
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