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  1. KWA has fantastic guns, I have their sr10 and it is great in literally every aspect. I also own basicaly a shortened version of a VFC m16 RIS and it is also very good and extremely sturdy, but will most likely need a better hop-up. http://www.evike.com/products/45430/
  2. I am looking at the Ares/umarex g36 and the KWA g36 and idk what to get. I have heard only good things about both of them and they are about the same price. From personal experience I know KWA is great because I have their SR10. Any advice would be much appreciated. thanks
  3. I am planning on getting a Umarex g36 and I have found something weird. I went on Red Wolf Airsoft, airsoft megastore, evike, and several other websites and found something strange. On Red Wolf shows the gun costing $195 but on almost every other website it costs $270-285. I am posting this to ask if these guns are the same. It seems weird to have the same gun on 2 websites with almost a $100 price difference. http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/4106-h-and...k-2279104.aspx# http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...36CV_AEG_DE.htm
  4. I was just wondering if the Lancer/AGM/Matrix mp44's are any good compared to a different CQB m4 in the same price range. If one of them is good, then what ways should I upgrade it.
  5. I know almost nothing about slings and I have a few questions that I hope you guys can answer. 1. What is the difference between 1 point, 2 point, and 3 point slings? 2. Are there different sizes of slings for different guns or are they all about the same size? 3. What sling would you recommend for this gun.(I am fairly small BTW) http://www.evike.com/products/38527/
  6. I was thinking about a G and P tank (similar to the stubby killer) but I was wondering if it could take a 9.6v battery. http://www.evike.com/products/29821/
  7. Haha, thanks for the advice and bri bri is my nickname, my name is Brian but people sometimes call me bri rbi.
  8. I agree with your statement about TM gas pistols outshooting KWA stock pistols, but they are way more expensive. A TM gas blowback is about 200 dollars (a bit more than KWA's) but then you have to factor in the extra 70-100 dollars you are going to have to pay for a metal slide. The plastic slides on TM gas pistols are good but will still crack if you take good care of the gun or not.
  9. I would reccomend G and P guns, I have heard they are all great, but then again this isn't from personal experience. I wouldn't recommend the Stag-15 m4, I have that gun and if you get it you will need to upgrade it a lot to make it have a good range and accuracy.
  10. I am a kid looking for a light and short SMG to use at my field. It would be good if the gun has a decent range but I could put in a decent hop up unit of my own. It is important that the gun is light, so I will be able to move around quickly and because I am small and kind of weak. I would like it to have a decent ROF but more importantly I need it to be able to take an 11.1V li po. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks My budget is $400
  11. I was wondering if in outdoor airsoft, is a gan sniper a viable option? I own a VFC m4 DMR and it is good, but I was wondering if a gas sniper could outperform it. I can spend about 450 dollars or so on the sniper.
  12. I own a VFC m4 CRS and I want to put a 11.1 Volt li po battery in it. I wasn't sure if a "L-shape" li po would fit in it and nun chuck li pos don't seem to be called nun chuck li pos. Any recommendation for a high quality li po that would fit my gun would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I bought my VFC m4 CRS a little while ago and it is a solid gun. I recently decided that I want to upgrade the ROF of the gun and make it as scary as possible. I know basically nothing about li pos and I was wondering if I could put one into my gun, and if I need to add something to my gun before it can take one. I also know that high ROF makes the gun ware down much faster and I should probably put in stronger gears or a stronger piston (whatever I need to make the gun more durable). I know there are others ways to upgrade ROF such as different motors and I was hoping to get advice on what I should put in my gun or how I should alter it. Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! (my budget is flexible)
  14. I want a good support weapon and was planning on getting a LMG, but since I am a kid I can't carry around a 18-20 pound gun for a whole day. I decided that I am gunna get a m16/m4 and put on a drum mag and modify it in a few ways. I want to get its fire rate up as high as possible without having to get a li po for it. I already own a smart charger and a variety of 9.6 and 8.4 Volt batteries and getting li pos and a li po smart charger will cost alot. I want a gun with a high fire rate, strong gear box, and a decent range. I don't know what base gun I am gunna get but I was thinking about a KWA or G and P, I have heard great things about G and P and I know for a fact that KWA's are good. Any suggestions on what type of gun to get or how I can upgrade my gun would be very helpful, thanks. (my budget is 450 dollars at most)
  15. I have heard Polar star guns are literally the best guns to possibly get, but I don't understand them. I know Polar Stars use a gas tank and a battery, but what do they control? I don't have the budget for a polar star right now, although I would like to understand them in case I get one someday. Thanks
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