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    I like to play and listen to music, hard rock/metal(favorite band is Red). I also like to play video games. I love to work out, and of course, AIRSOFT!
  1. Firstly, the J.G. HK416 from Airsplat is amazing for the price. My friend bought it as his first gun, besides a gun I bought him lol. It is a little under 200$ and shoots like a lazer. It has an amazing weight being mostly made of metal excluding the stock and other small things. He is extremely happy he bought it. Secondly, It's sometimes difficult to chose a gun if you haven't held it and/or used it. If you have an Airsoft store near you you should check out the gear for yourself (assuming you haven't done so already). Not saying you should buy a gun at said store, because sometimes the stores are small mom and pop shops that over-price their items. Airsplat and Evike always have deals and are ideal, at least in my book.
  2. Obviously have missed when you guys were holding the date you have played, but seems interesting. Would you mind posting some photos of the place next time you go? Me and my friends/family might be interested to play with you guys sometime.
  3. Evike and Airsplat have some pretty darn good deals most of the time.
  4. Do not spend money on anything you are not sure about. Go to an airsoft retail store near you if you have one close and look at the guns and feel them to get the most comfortable weapon. If not, keep reading reviews and get the gun that is sturdy, pretty much to the fps limit if possible, and the one you will enjoy using on the field. Have a great day and god bless!
  5. I need some advise for a good load out for sniping on fields in SoCal. Including gun and anything necessary. I don't have too much to spend and have been looking at Well MB08 and some ghilie suits. Advice would help. Thanks
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