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  1. Hello, I would like to know if you liked this video or any suggestions, as I´m starting this new channel with a friend of mine, we are from Spain, hope you like it! my "old" channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/javier96s/videos
  2. It's because I think is one of the most efficient motors out there, that runs cold but still pretty fast
  3. Hello, I would like some help in determining which gun I should buy, as I am looking for a cqb gun, I want to install a EG1000 marui motor in any of these replicas, as I am looking for a fast, efficient engine that stays cool, I also would like to know if there are other engines with these features. At first I have five options: - Specna arms SA-A03 (MK18) (€ 195.52) this gun has good reviews but I do not trust the low price, initially has the advantages of having the rail letting me the money to spend on internal upgrades Link: http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152200040-S...ne-replica.html - G & P m4 commando (235 €) this gun is the most expensive option, external are basic but the best (I hope) but I would have to change some parts (apparently the gears and piston head can be improved) Link: http://en.safarasoftair.com/weapons/electr.../gp-m4-commando - G & G Scar (resale € 230) regard this option as it is a remarkable internal and external replica, the only downside is I do not really like that it is second hand. - Lonex M4 (220 €) I have readgood reviews, comparing the externals with vfc and G & P, saying that even the internals are better, the downside is that having a 14.5 inch barrel would have to buy one 10 , which would add even more money to the price. Link: http://en.safarasoftair.com/lonex-m4a1-6-p...ion-14-5-inches - Dytac M4 10.5 (210 €) There isn,t much information about these replicas but I've read good reviews about the strength of the external and internal are basic but the reduced price leaves room for upgrades. Link: http://en.safarasoftair.com/dytac-m4-cqbr-...ollici?___SID=U Thanks
  4. Just some airsoft footage and montages from the south of Spain! Thank you!
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