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  1. One last thing, is echo 1 good? how are their internals and externals?
  2. Would you recommend VFC over ASGI for the M16?
  3. Thanks, I have also heard that the 2gx gearbox or whatever it is called has some problems but I also hear that they are amazing what is your 2 cents?
  4. Im guessing they are better in your opinion than KWA?
  5. Is there anything bad or different about the sport line version? Do you know where I could get their M16 not sport line version?
  6. ok Just wondering where did you see that? And Have you heard good things about VFC AEGs?
  7. Do you know if this is a good, reliable gun to get?
  8. Anything that comes to mind? And about the KWA M16, I have read a lot of reviews for it on multiple websites, and they are all 4 or 5 star reviews that say they have great internals and very solid externals. Are you sure I should get one?
  9. alright, well is there a company that has an all around great, reliable M16 for under $300? Because the ASGI M16 is not in stock until December 24
  10. Probably a tightbore barrel, and maybe a better hop-up. I have read reviews that said that the internals on the gun are great.
  11. Hey guys I was wanting a DMR for my next gun to expand my range capabilities. I really like the look of the M16 so I started to look for them. I found this: http://www.airsoftatlanta.com/KWA-KM16BR-AEG-p/65068.htm . Does anybody have any experience with KWA's M16 or think this is a good buy? thanks
  12. Ok but that didn't really answer my question
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