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  1. AK-74s for EVERYONE. And they'd wear tigerstripe or OD. Budget. Budget. Budget.
  2. So if I change my hop-up bucking, then I will have to use heavy BBs like .23s and .25s consistently, correct?
  3. Wait, what's to stop robbers from simply attacking the shop?
  4. Hi. I own a CYMA CM046 AK-47 type AEG and this is the first time I've ever considered modifying my rifle. I would like to enhance my range without sacrificing my firepower. Accuracy doesn't need to be pinpoint like a sniper rifle, in fact I'd prefer an inaccurate rifle as I want to convert my AK-47 to a light machinegun. What kind of parts would I need? I'm thinking about getting a new hop-up buckling and a longer barrel.
  5. Not to mention the fact that it might fall off your head because of the lack of a chin strap, unless it's made-to-fit like a modern baseball cap.
  6. Well, this is the game site. Around summer I hope some of that grass starts dying like you said so that my lower half can be useful.
  7. Since RG and CB are in short supply around these parts, I chose to use an OD chest rig and an OD helmet with the odd desert tiger stripes camo pattern. Will that help me blend at all or will the un-blendyness of the desert pattern negate that?
  8. So you're saying that I can hold my trigger down like I can with a real gun without fear of breakage? Also yes, they kept correcting me on that too. I'm not sure whether it was A&K or APS... or AGM. Sorry but I've consistently been buying CYMA and only CYMA for the past six years. EDIT: Yup it was APS.
  9. Do not use a sidearm unless you're planning on going CQB. The only advantages a pistol can give you are its short barrel and ease of mobility. Out in the field, you'll have so much ammo that you'll never need to switch to a sidearm.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a shemagh (in theory at least) breathe better than a balaclava?
  11. Do you see the little knobs that connect the trigger to the gearbox? Well that part -- not the knobs themselves, the whole thing above the trigger -- it just broke. Snapped off.
  12. I think I hear something. It sounds like someone yelling "secession." ... probably nothing.
  13. Full auto. Suppress. Suppress. Suppress.
  14. I'm just pulling it straight back and holding it for long bursts with my trigger finger, honestly I don't understand how it broke either. One day it just stuck there and it didn't return.. We ended up replacing the trigger with one we found in an old A&K AKMS. You people think this is likely to happen again?
  15. the latch that connected the trigger to the gearbox.
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