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  1. Sorry, 40 bucks only, I have someone interested in it for 65 bucks so if that falls through, maybe...
  2. Yes, a more detailed post would help. Pictures also.
  3. I'm selling a UHC MP5 SD3, 1 lo-cap and 3 hi-caps, and 3 bottles of 2000 ct .12g bbs.
  4. 250 is way too much. You can buy a brand new one for about 200 bucks.
  5. Yes pictures would help greatly, and location?
  6. 400 bucks is steep.... Trust me, it's hard to sell something that is used for that price even though it is above stock guns.
  7. Same here, short on cash for a game coming up this weekend.
  8. Just go to www.PowerEdgeUSA.com and purchase one. They don't have sales tax... http://www.poweredgeusa.com/product.asp?Ca...ryID=82&ID=2595 Dennis
  9. If you search my username you can find that I am selling a few things (Springer Related) in the Airsoft Items For Sale section. Basically selling a UHC MP5 SD3 with a standar mag and 3 hi-cap mags with bottles of .12g bbs
  10. Team Rsyndcate: 209 area mainly Manteca, Lathrop, Stockton, Lodi Dennis Rsyndcate
  11. Our age limit is at least 16 y/o Dennis Rsyndcate
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