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  1. Hey all... So I have tried to do as much research as possible on the subject and read all the threads regarding external air rigs on here, but I am still having issues understanding. So I have a HPA tank with a regular old DXS 3000 bottle regulator. I assume this is a high pressure regulator, as it only regulates down to 800 or so psi... My main issue is... WHAT OTHER REGULATOR DO I NEED!!!!! I know there are palmers and fire line etc, but they are a hair expensive. So what other inline type Low pressure regulators can you use? Can all "paintball" type inline regulators work?? I don't know how to tell what Max INPUT psi all these 100's of regulators use. I'm afraid I'll get one that cant handle the 800 or so psi coming out of the bottle regulator! Just need a little input in all this as I am not sure what other regulator I can use... Cheapest is best as it's not for a rapid fire weapon. Thanks guys sorry for the newbie post
  2. Version 2 is helpful!!! I know I could throw a bigger spring in there, but will that not require additional upgrades in order to actually pull it? No price range really, just not sure what order to start the upgrades, etc!!!
  3. Hey guys... I just got a tokyo marui MP5 SD5, and as most TM products, the FPS is fairly low. Id like to get some upgrades, but honestly I haven't found much info on upgrading. what all would I need to do to get this fella shooting 400+? I was also a little confused as to what products fit in tokyo marui guns... for example, do all mp5 gearboxes fit in all mp5's, regardless of brand? hook me up fellas!!!
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