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  1. It was obvious to me that the TM's were at the top, but eliminated them from consideration for two reasons. One I wanted a full metal gun to better match the wieght of my IDPA gun, second I wanted to run propane. Seems that the "rule of thumb" is not to run propane thru the TM's, though that is disputed by some. I have a cheap source of 134A, but propane can be had any where and it wouldn't surprise me if the EPA put the squeeze on 134 A sales at some point. I'm not completely against a TM and upgrading to a metal slide, but really want a gun ready to go out of the box, so I don't have to get too involved tracking down parts and figuring out all the fine details of how to make an upgrade work. Also want a single stack frame to replicate my IDPA gun. One thing that is not clear is, if all so called "double stack" mags mean that the grip frame is wider or if the double stack can mean hi cap in some cases. Are there thin double stack mags? I would think Double stack always means wider but not sure in some cases. Anyway thanks for the ranking, it helps. Think I'll have to track down a KJW. Is there some type of upgrade guide that outlines what parts work best together and then details the results of the upgrade. Seems to me that if you change one part that you'll need to change out springs etc to compensate for the added weight, pressure, cycle rate or whatever.
  2. Looking for a Full Metal single stack 1911 that will operate on Propane. Lots of options, but having no GBB experience its difficult to sort out the the quality of each of the different brands. The only yardstick I see is price which is some what deceptive because I've seen great variations in prices on the same models. I've seen WE 1911 MEU's for sale from 75 to 120 dollars. So I'm wondering if there is some sort of general consensous as to which brands are considered better quality, maybe rank them 1 to 10 and give the pros or cons as to why one is of better quality than another. The other thing is that it appears as if some parts like Mags may interchange between brands. Like Socom Gear and WE Mags are the same?
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