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  1. I am having the exact same problem with my mark III and I just got mine yesterday... This is really dissapointing :(
  2. Thanks for the advice, and by the way, I was actually considering putting an m100 spring in it to maybe get my fps a little higher for outdoor, would that be possible to do without changing any other internal parts?
  3. Hey guys, my TM scar just arrived a week ago and it has been performing great for me out of the box, but I noticed with the EBB feature that the bolt assembly seems to have caused quite some wear for it being so new, and I've put less than 1000 rounds through it so far, maybe this just happens normally and I'm being paranoid, but take a look and tell me what you think, (btw, sorry for the links, it wouldn't let me upload directly for some reason): http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/839/iged.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/203/oyte.jpg/ This look normal to you guys?
  4. Ok everyone, it came in about a week ago and I'm happy to say it was completely untouched, they did put an orange flash hider on that was easy to remove, but they left me the black one too, and nothing at all was done to the trades, not even putty or electrical tape was put on! So all is well, and it functions like a beast :D
  5. Decided to take a chance and go for it, after all, I'm in it for the gun itself and the way it performs way more than I am in it for the trades, otherwise I would have went for a VFC scar. Anyway, it has already arrived in southern California (I live up north) and is going through customs as we speak, so lets hope for the best!
  6. I've heard that rather than scrape off trademarks, they put some kind of goop or electrical tape over it and it can be taken off, it that true?
  7. Hi guys, I was about to order the tokyo marui scar, which is a gun I have sought after for a long time, and I finally found it in stock somewhere for a good price, ehobby asia. But right as im about to order it I see a little warning next to the shipping information; "Important Notes: All airsoft guns sold to your country are affixed with an orange tip permanently. Trademark on airsoft guns will also be removed." I live in the united states, in california. Does this mean that they're gonna remove my black flash hider, superglue an orange tip, and scrape off all of the trades on the gun? If so that's quite disappointing to me... Does anyone have experience buying from them and know what exactly they do to the gun? Btw, here is the link to the product for reference: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/tokyo-marui-sca...ml#.UrIm5fRDsRk thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks very much, this helped a lot. And I already have owned my fair share of aeg's, went from a cyma m14 to a kwa sr10 overtime and now im running a vfc hk416 as my primary aeg. I think a sniper would be a great addition to the loadout, something different, even if it is more of a challenge to use.
  9. Thank you very much for the advice! My mind has now been opened a little to some other options, and if getting a TM turns out to not be worth it for me, this is definitely a pretty good alternative. I'll consider, but like I said, I'm not really a gun tech, so I don't know if I would want to replace a TON of internal parts of a lower end rifle like the JG, even if it is a cheaper way to go. My invision as far as upgrades was to maybe change out the stock inner barrel and spring, and maybe get a stronger piston or piston head so I don't get "slam fire". And by the way, I actually have a friend that owns a JG bar 10, and I actually do think it gets the job done quite well for around $100 bucks even stock with no upgrades. But I guess I've kinda just wanted to own one of the legendary tokyo marui airsoft guns for myself, because I've owned and fired many high quality airsoft brands of guns, but never a TM.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm finally in the market to get an airsoft sniper rifle and I'm pretty set on a tokyo marui because ive heard such great things about their quality and accuracy out of the box, and my personal favorite is the VSR-10 Gspec. But like many people who choose tokyo marui, I desire a higher fps, especially for a long range rifle, as I hate getting bbs dragged around in the air easier because of a low velocity. So the first thing I am looking to get is an upgraded spring, and I'd like to boost my fps up to around the 450-520 fps range. However, I've heard that using a stiffer spring in a TM rifle is really hard on the internal parts, and I'm not a huge gun tech, so I'm not quite sure as to what I should be having to replace/upgrade (if anything at all). Can anyone please tell me whether I would have to upgrade internal parts to be able to handle a powerful spring like that, and if so, what else should I be getting and what brands do you recommend? Thanks in advance!
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