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  1. Thank you very much for the help and insight. I ordered the MK IV and a propane adapter. We have the Coleman tanks readily available here. I am in South Florida where it is hot 24/7 is the regular propane going to be a problem?
  2. I am a little new at this. Are you saying not to use the Green Gas and use straight propane? If so where would you get the propane canisters and/or adapter that would fit the mags? Also which KWA PTP 1911 there are different MK IV, MK II, A1?
  3. Price under 350.00 No Model Preference. But needs to be full size 1911. Most realistic GBB action possible. (Needs to have a little kick to it.) Preferably all metal but not a absolute must. Green Gas Looking for a training 1911 to do drills with at home. Pulls and multiple shots from holster. Mag drops with quick reloads. Thank you for any advice you can give.
  4. Sorry forgot about the 1911 part. I was just looking at the post by renegadecow where he ranked the manufactures.
  5. Yes please answer. What makes them the best?
  6. Anyone in the South Florida area please check out this thread: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Airsoft-...ld-t279705.html Thank you!
  7. Hello all, I have 40 acres in Loxahatchee, FL I am looking to turn 15 to 20 acres into airsoft fields. I have no experience in building fields and would like some help. I plan on having it open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. I have a front end loader on the property to dig fox holes and bunkers. I have some oil drums and culvert piping coming in. I have access to pallets and I am starting to stock pile them. I would open the field to whoever helps with the build and their friends. Field will not be open to the public. No charge for helpers ever! Just want other people for me and my kids to play alongside. If you have a airsoft team or club you can use the field but at least 1/4 of your team must help build. Helpers can also request a day to have the field for just them and their friends (birthday party or team event). At this time it will be only airsoft. Please give me all suggestions or comments you have on this. Thanks for you time! Joshwaa
  8. Thanks for this Chaos. Yea I would not let them have lesser equip than me, unless that they wanted lesser things by choice. My older kid has an ARES sniper and a pistol, and my middle son has dual pistols. Youngest son turns 1 this Thursday so mom says no airsoft for him. :) I have made my choice an getting the G&P Rapid fire 2, seems the best for me. Let me know any opinions you have on that AEG. Thanks again.
  9. I think I am leaning towards the Elite. Plus the 1 year warranty sounds nice. One question can either the G&P Magpul M4 or the EF 4CRS be upgraded to the Polarstar system later if I choose? Starting to feel like just buying both. Thanks again for the help!
  10. So 100ft on his gun.. That doesn't sound like a problem. So far I am now looking at the G&P Magpul M4 and the Elite Force 4CRS. Does anyone have experience with either of these? Will the G&P accept a 11.1 LiPo Like the 4CRS? Also Guges Mk3 can you give me some info on the G&P M4 you talked about selling? Thank you all for your help.
  11. My son has a Ares mcm700x. How much range does he have? Is that a good gun? Your recommending a G&P M4? Which one? What do you mean by good one not found in online store? Sorry if these are Newbie questions.
  12. Hello all, Looking for a Airsoft Gun for myself. I need to start playing airsoft with my kids. Budget: Up to 600.00 I mainly will be playing field and forest matches with a small amount of close quarter. The gun doesn't have to be any exact replica of a real gun. Not looking for a sniper rifle but would like to be able to shoot over 40m with good accuracy. I am in the US so my FPS is not limited but I do not want to hurt my kids to bad so I would say 390-450 would be ok. Until my kids get more people to come play at our 40 acres it will be matches where I play alone against my two boys and maybe one or two of their friends. My oldest son is getting a sniper rifle so there is that to contend with. He doesn't have a gilly(sp) suit though so not all that worried about him yet. The other kids play with AEG and CO2 pistols. The gun should be great quality out of the box. I do not want to have to mod it when I first get it just to play. However I would like for it to be able to be upgraded down the road if I want to. I am very mechanically inclined. I already have lipo's and chargers from my RC hobbies so it does not have to come with these accessories. I like the looks of the KWA G36c and the SL9 Elite. However I know nothing about them and have seen many mixed reviews. Not real fond of the AK style guns (their looks). American assault rifles look good to me also. Also gun should be relatively quiet and does not need to kick. That's all I can think of for now. Please ask any questions needed. Joshwaa
  13. Hello all, My name is Josh call sign Joshwaa. I am just getting into airsoft. Used to be a die hard paint ball player in my late teens and early 20's. Now in my thirties my sons have roped me into airsoft. I am a Newbie and will accept all pointers. My hobbies are Computers (Building/Fixing), R/C Trucks, World of Tanks, Off-Roading/Camping, mechanics, and Bitcoin mining. I live in West Palm Beach, Florida. Also have property in Loxahatchee, Florida (40 acres that will soon be an Airsoft feild). I have no guns as of yet so off to read the forums to see what to get. Thanks all, see ya around.
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