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  1. I'm going to have to agree this looks like hammered poop. If they are charging a premium for a worn out looking 1911 I'd rather buy a new one and customize. :/ I like the 370 FPS though, if it is true.
  2. Hi airsoftforum folks! I am an on-off-again airsofter who feels the bug every year to read up on the latest Airsoft trends etc. I live in Montana where the Airsoft community is pretty small but getting bigger (we have 2 fields in the state now!) Anywho, I usually go to airsoft retreat (ASR) when I want to check out an airsoft forum (nothing against airsoftforum) but this year I get an error that says: "Database error. Please try again. If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator." I've done a few searches regarding ASR being down and found nothing. I've poked around the ASR site and can't seem to find a way to contact them. Does anyone know what is going on here? Thanks for any help / knowledge.
  3. Poor motor adjustment can cause what you are describing and checking for it doesn't require cracking the gun. I would try playing with the motor height adjustment screw. Try starting with it backed most of the way out and try a pull on the trigger. Then tighten a bit and try again. If that doesn't work it sounds like you will need to crack the gearbox and rebuild it.
  4. About your feeding problem: If you where in your gearbox, feeding problems are most likely caused by incorrect install of the nozzle or the tappet plate. To check this, take off barrel and the upper portion of the gun leaving the gearbox, motor, and wiring assembled. Plug in the battery and cycle the gearbox. The nozzle should move in and out of the gun as it cycles. If you aren't seeing this happen you need to take apart the gearbox and reinstall the nozzle/tappet plate properly. Other possibility is that you have some malady to your hopup chamber or bucking. Some damage or irregularity could cause feeding problems. Inspect the hopup chamber and look for any damage to the feeding tube or the bucking. Lastly make sure it isn't a magazine feeding issue by attempting to use a few different mags.
  5. If you don't want to crack the gearbox you can always drop in a tightbore with an improved hopup chamber and rubber with flathop/Rhop installed and an M-nub. Should run you under 100 bucks for the whole thing and you will only need to take down a couple of body pieces to replace everything. You would see a small increase in FPS (like 5-20) and a big increase in accuracy and range. Of course you will need to install the R-hop patch and some folks find that a little intimidating.
  6. Since most of the historical perspectives have been touched on I will post a few of my personal memories of airsofting back in the day. I was a born airsofter. I never liked paintball. The guns look like vacuum cleaner attachments, the paintballs are messy and painful, and you need to spend a lot on ammo and air. I had seen a toy gun my friend had that shot rubber bbs and I always thought that was a great idea but for some reason I could never find one of those toys for sale myself. I lived in a trailer park. We had neighborhood nerf wars on a daily basis. We were all poor but I was always poorer than my friends. When my friends got new nerf guns my old one broke. So, at age 10 I did my first repair/upgrade. I replaced the internal peg that broke in my pistol with a hacked off crochet needle I stole from mom and held it in place with hot glue. I stretched out the mainspring and improved the piston head on the nerf gun and put it back together. I lost the trigger spring though. The gun was so precarious to load that only I could do it. It would out shoot any other gun we had but if you bumped it when cocked it would go off. I named it ol' betsy. Fast forward 6 years. I had built and upgraded countless nerf guns but nerf was starting to get old. I was the first one of my friends to have seen or heard of an airsoft gun. I spotted it in the walmart sporting goods section. I was giddy. Soon we all had springers. Oh, the crap springers we would buy! We had a local sporting goods store that kept us armed but everything was cheap and awful. It took me over a year to realize there was anything better because we were poor to have internet. I spent hours researching and reading about airsoft and AEGs once we finally got dial up. But there were no cheap AEGs back then. The lowest costing AEG I could find was the MP5K and it was 230 bucks plus battery (guns didn't come with a battery back then) plus charger plus shipping. There was no way we could afford one. So I was constantly buying and breaking and repairing and breaking springers. It wasn't until my first year of college when I had income of my own that I got an AEG. I saved for half a year and got a TM G3. When I came home and played that summer I only used it for a couple of games because it just wasn't fair to use it against everyone who still owned springers. So that is what airsoft was like for me 10+ years ago. I remember all the days spent in the mountains with my friends. The wacky mismatches of teams and equipment. Now that I am an adult with a decent job I have some 5 aegs but thinking back I am glad we couldn't have whatever guns we wanted back then. The lack of income made tinkering/modding a necessity and now it is one of my favorite pass times. If my parents just bought me an AEG back then I don't think I would appreciate having them as much today. It was a great childhood really. I wouldn't trade it for the world. :)
  7. Greetings! My real name is Eric, I am 28, and I live in Montana. I have been airsofting since I was in High School back in 2001. My first airsoft gun was a springer berretta from walmart and my first AEG was a TM G3 which I still have (modded). I currently own; TM/CA full metal G3 (mods), TM G3-SG1 (stock), TM MP5 (stock), Echo 1 G36 (stock), CA full-metal M4 (mods), CA "sportline" M4 (stock), and a Chinese full metal M500 gas shotgun. I honestly don't get out to play very much but I have spent a lot of time researching and working on guns. I consider myself a novice tech with some journeyman level skill working on the V2 and the G3, G36, and M4 body types. I have been a member at ASR for a long time and my handle there is the same here, Sidewinder. I don't post very often because I only post when I have something meaningful to contribute. When I do post I usually spell check and proof read everything. Currently I am working on a product that will allow anyone with standard sized M4 to mod their gun to shoot as accurate as a tuned custom gun with just one drop in part that will only cost around 80 bucks. The goal is to make high level performance accessible to the less mechanically inclined for a fair price. It is still in the development/prototype stages. Thats it! See you out there!
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