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  1. Howdy! I'm rebuilding my WE AR-15, instead of going straight for furniture and whatnot, I'm going to focus on at least making the rifle functioning once more. I've ordered a replacement open bolt kit from Evike, but I'm having difficulty choosing the buffer, and buffer spring for my rifle. On that note, I'm using a rifle-length receiver extension. From what I understand, having a lighter recoil spring will increase felt recoil, but I'm not sure what the effects of a lighter spring are beyond felt recoil. Also, what's the point of a heavier or lighter buffer? I opened up a rifle-length buffer, took out all the weights, and it's certainly featherweight. (It also let out some funny-smelling smoke once I popped the rubber tip, wtf) Thanks!
  2. Would you be willing to post the results of your survey?
  3. Howdy! I ordered a G&P 3.5x carry handle/optic combo for my WE G36E (it's on sale for roughly 40$) Now, I just need a 3.5x, red dot combo sight to complete the G36 look. Anybody got input on ones that are worth buying? I'm narrowed down to the ARES, and STAR sights, since the UFC one has many negative reviews on the build construction and the quality of the scope's optics. Thanks!
  4. It's the thought that counts. :\ When rarely, necessary, I just submerge my magazines in a little plastic container filled with 10wt silicone oil. Then again, I haven't had a leaky mag for some time... WD-40 is not a good idea...Though it's certainly nostalgic! Just smelling it takes me back to my once-best friend's living room where we were "lubricating" his spring FAMAS with an obscene amount of the stuff. That was eight years ago, my, how time flies...
  5. Hello! I'm looking for a Tokyo Marui M9, and I see the Tactical Master, M9A1, M92F, and bog-standard M9. However, I understand that one or more of the variants are "old". Can someone tell me which ones use the old system, and the new system? Thanks!
  6. Do you know if the 6mmProShop variant of the 1887 is worth the asking price?
  7. I really like my Marushin shell-ejecting CZ-57, and Police revolver, the shells really add a lot of fun to the guns for me. Does a shell-ejecting lever-action rifle exist in the world of Airsoft? All I see are the Marushin 1887 shotguns, and the 8mmProShop ones. Thanks!
  8. That's the strange part, I know the can works because it sprays gas when I try to fill the magazines with it...It's probably the nozzle that's too short, and not getting deep enough into the fill valve. That would explain why there's an adapter, maybe? Oh wait, I got it now, the nozzle on the can is just a hair too large, compared to the straw which actually fills the magazine. I think that might have something to do with it. My TM Desert Eagle came in today, and after some practice, I successfully managed to fill the magazine a few times with the straw. I ordered the adapter, so I won't have to use the straw for more than a few days. Odd that the 2011 magazine wouldn't take the gas...
  9. I'm not sure what you mean, the straw extension tip, or the actual tip that extends from the can itself? The tip from the can itself won't put anything into the magazine, but the straw and trigger will...barely.
  10. Yeah the cans are fine (I have three), but they don't fill too much. I think it's because I'm either not pushing down hard enough on the trigger, or it's the 90 degree angle the foam has to go through to fill.
  11. I have a Marushin revolver that I tried filling with duster gas today (computer duster). However, it won't fill, I think? It doesn't fire. I tried the same can with my 2011 magazine and the output valve acts like it wasn't even filled. Any ideas? I don't have the AI adapter, and I'm using the pink nozzle on the can that you'd put the AI on. Maybe that's the issue? Thanks! Nevermind, I just cut down the spray tube. It's working!
  12. Can anybody recommend me a brand to stick with for a total steel overhaul, when it comes? I'm guessing 5KU is going to have made poopy internals as always...?
  13. Oh, so you guys don't have any "field" fields? That would blow. At least you have a close field to go to, the closest one to me is about five miles away!
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