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  1. Honestly, if you're serious about shotgunning, forget about cheap ones. The Tokyo Marui M870 and its successors give you a 6-pellet spread at a range where I have gone up against AEGs and GBBRs and came out on top. It's unfortunately an upgrade sink, as there are so many things that can be improved about it, but upgrades are easy. Mine now runs on HPA and has reinforced internals. And it's the best gun I have with regard to how effective on the field I am. Spring shotguns are also very hard to pump. With gas/HPA, you can fire as fast as you can work the action.
  2. They're very situational. I only use mine when I feel the game type demands it, because the added weight and bulk of the launcher slows me down too much. They're great defensively or offensively, but pretty horrible when it comes to regular battle. The psychological impact can't be denied (especially around new players >_>) and if you use 18-shot shells, a "BB rain" is usually travelling fast enough for them to call. Anything over 64 shots is a waste I find. Too little range and too little energy per pellet. So I carry 2x 18-shot shells (the G&P long barrel ones that look like CS gas shells) and a 120-shot shell, for when I just want people's heads down. I don't expect any kills with the latter. If you're on a field with vehicles, you can also load solid shots if they have rules about tank busting.
  3. Right, so I finally have my beautiful Echo1 M240B in all of its hulking glory. High time for me to do some upper body work I guess. I want to use a tracer unit with it, and I already have one (one of those fancy Xcortech chrono/tracer dual kits), but when I unwind the flash hider, I don't find what I'm expecting. Here's a picture of it. I reckon it's about 16mm CCW, but I don't even know how to properly measure thread: http://I.imgur.com/NgTVDfu.jpg Does anyone make an adapter that'd let me screw my silencer on this, or am I going to have to jury rig something?
  4. So I have a TM M870 and I want to use a shortened barrel, because everything past the end of the magazine tube is just dead metal. But we also run night games, so I want some place to slap my flashlight. I'm looking at railed foregrips and this one comes to mind: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/g-p-m870-railed-handguard-long.html I'm wondering if I'll have to change too much for it to work on my 870. I know that some of them are specifically made for the TM, but I really hate the aggressive look of these ones: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/g-p-shotgun-forearm-a-set-for-marui-m870-half-rail.html I can't really find an answer anywhere so I hope people help :)
  5. So I managed to bust the nozzle spring on my SCAR, and I suspect that my continued usage of a mangled spring is why my gas efficiency is in the toilet. I'm trying to find a replacement, but as far as a local supplier goes, all I can find is the spring for the MSK (I believe it's the Masada/ACR). Are all of the Open Bolt nozzle return springs the same, or do I need to hunt down one specifically for the SCAR/PDW? (I know those two use the same nozzle).
  6. Both of my mags are open bolt, and one of them displays the problem more often. They'll cycle properly down to between half and quarter full, then they'll just keep dry-firing without loading more shots. I had to stick a little bit of credit card on the bolt release to make the gun lock back properly, so I think that that little bit of distance might be causing the issue.
  7. I've got the same problem with my WE SCAR-L. Feels like the mags just aren't sitting in tight enough, and that's causing it not to cycle correctly - no idea how to fix it though.
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