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  1. Hey guys, I bought an ares ms338 and it shoot about 300 fps with 0.2 g, that's a little bit low, what should I change to have a higher power, like 400-450 fps? I don't want to break everything in a month ;) Thank you Lukas
  2. Hi guys, I want to buy a spring powered rifle, but I don't know which is better for my buck. It's more meaningfull to buy a high quality stock gun like CA m24, maruzen aps2...or a low cost chinese rifle like jg vsr-10? My budget is about 400$-500$ and I don't need so high fps cause I'm from italy (1 Joule restriction), I only need an accurate rifle that didn't break so fast...I need upgrades light tighbore barrel and hop up...Any suggestions? :)
  3. hey guys, I'll buy a new airsoft pistol, cause my old one break, so which beand is giod for a co2 gun? Budget 100-150€, Thanks ;) Daniel
  4. Guges mk3: Thank you very much, I always thought that g&p's piston and gears are crappy, but after that I can't say anything.
  5. But if I want to upgrade the weapon, what should I change in the internals? I know that g&p's piston and gears are crappy, so which one must I get?
  6. ok, I like more the enforcer, which internals should I change?
  7. Hey guys, which gun should I get between the g&p m4 enforcer and the g&p m4 moe? And how are the internals of this guns?
  8. Hi guys, my name is lukas, I'm 21 years old and I'm new in the fantastic airsoft world. :D
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