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  1. Must be cosmetically in good condition. Ill still buy leaking mags but for less. PM me with what you have and what you want.
  2. Thats not at all what causes overspin. Overspin isnt restricted by armature design, thats ridiculous. Its the sheer speed/momentum of the drive train that causes overspin...common with high speed neo motors. The difference in passive breaking force between the 2 armature styles is minuscule compared to the force of the spring.
  3. So? Does that somehow negate the fact that m4's have sights to arc shots?
  4. Thats not specific to AKs either. Standard m4s have front and rear elevation adjustments too.
  5. Your fuse will handle 20 amps of continuous drain, it will handle short current spikes much higher than that though. Regardless, the AEG is what draws the current. If its not tripping on a 54 amp capable battery, it can not trip on a 43.75 amp capable battery.
  6. For future reference, under recent transactions, click on details, down towards the bottom there is a link to open a dispute.
  7. I for one really enjoyed watching him claim his r-hop is open source while he keeps the material and cutting process a secret so he can sell a product. But it was especially a treat to see him claim open source, and then get pissy and defensive when someone tried to replicate it, accusing them of trying to con him. So classy. Smh.
  8. This. People seriously underestimate how far stock parts can take them with some tweaking.
  9. Is it possible? Sure. Worth it? No way. The dishcarge (c rating) of a cell phone battery is going to be . Spend 7 dollars on this instead. It will all over your 4 meager phone batteries. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_...warehouse_.html Buy 2 and wire them in parallel to satisfy your need to wire batteries together.
  10. The KJW KC-02 might be right up your alley. Very simple gun, semi auto only, shoots hard. Its a bit loud though. With some fine tuning and upgrades (barrel and a flat hop type mod) I had mine hitting ~12inch groupings at 225ft, flat trajectory with .4g.
  11. Do a coke can test to get a general ball park. An m140 with good compression should easily penetrate anywhere on the bottom, and should be able to penetrate the top.
  12. Compression leak somewhere. As others have said, its likely the piston head not sealing against the cylinder wall enough, or the nozzle to bucking seal...with a stock g&p spring, perfect compression, and a madbull v2 407mm im getting well over 450fps on .2s.
  13. I want an AEG hop up end milled into a steel cut down barrel. PM with quotes. Barrel is short, around 180mm.
  14. don't blame evike for it being broken, this is the third time ive seen this recently. First was mine I bought used about a month ago. Second was on another forum, and youre the third. I used a little 2 part jb weld to repair it and it worked fine but in your case id absolutely push for a refund, but I expect at best that they will only send you a replacement.
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