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  1. The standard version of the evike custom CQB-R that I'm looking at has a bunch of zombie trademarks and those are fugly in my opinion.
  2. Honestly, I don't think I'm ready for doing and fancy-shmancy tech work quite yet, I'm afraid im gonna break something xD I'm looking at the Evike Custom version of G&P's M4 CQB-R. Looks pretty promising to me. Basically everything I'm looking for without the hassle of having to detach/attach anything extra, and it's one flat price.
  3. What I mean by "for more experienced players" is, you know, you're not gonna give a veteran airsofter who attends milsim events every other week and has a 1200 dollar kit a spring ak and one of those mini aug AEG pistols and say "do what you do best", right? - You'd give him a nice, decent or high quality gun that is more higher end and a nice gbb or non blowback gas pistol, depending on their personal preference. You know what I mean? Something that's meant to compete well on the field.
  4. I checked out that CQB-R... doesn't look too bad. Fairly cheap, and, externally, that could possibly be exactly what I'm searching for. Except for those annoying zombie trades. Those urk me. I've just gotta do some research on the internals and how sturdy this thing is before I make a decision... EDIT: I'm looking at the Evike custom version in black, looks somewhat more promising, although I'm not a big fan of that suppressor. It looks strange, but it's not that big of a deal. This gun is basically the same thing as the zombie one, but without the weird trades and a couple other minor details.
  5. I'm just looking for plain RIS so that I can attach an AFG, a bipod, flashlight, fore grip, or whatever attachment(s) the situation I'm playing in calls for. I also looked at an Echo 1 Platinum Series M4 that comes with RIS (I think)... I've heard that echo 1 internals are taken from some low quality guns... got anything on that? are their internals good?
  6. Again, the G&Ps look nice, but I can't seem to find an m4 that suits my particular needs that come with RIS. From the research I've done, you have to install RIS for a lot of the guns after buying the gun. That's a minor turn off for me, but, I can make some compromises to find one with RIS. The external customization is a major factor in buying a gun for me.
  7. The problem with G&P is that I couldn't seem to find one that suited my needs that had rails. The one KWA gun that I could possibly look into and buy is the KM4 SR10 2GX. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=5633 It has most of what I'm looking for, but I've gotta do some more research. Looks promising overall. Krytac was one of the brands I was looking into, but I was kind of shying away from it because of the price, but hey, it's summer, I can always make up some money and get it, although the fps is a little on the low side...
  8. I'm looking through brands of guns to find a nice, field m4 AEG that's good for intermediate/expert players. Something that I can rely on out of the box to be able to nail guys at any ranges I'd need (probably up to 200 or so feet). I just need a gun that I can rely on to last and preform well, and maintain that for a decent while. Here's my requirements: •nice, sturdy build •m4 •AEG •lipo battery ready •ability to drop guys at longer (and close-mid) ranges with •accurate at range and be in the 390-400ish fps range •it MUST be at around the 230-300 dollar price range •reliable out of the box without the need of doing any major upgrading •RIS to customize externally •high quality gearbox •preferably a strong polymer or metal body •black color •retractable stock (I have long arms so a fully retracted stock for me is a must) •for more experienced players •easy to access battery that doesn’t require fuss (so it would be preferable that it has one of those roomy SOCOM stocks) •smooth feeding without problems •fits most stanag style magazines without feeding issues And now, here's some optional ones: •threaded barrel for a suppressor •easy to find mags •easy to access hop up unit •functional bolt catch I'd prefer answers that are guns, not brands. Brand answers would be too broad and wouldn't really help. It would be nice if you've owned and handled and used the gun yourself and know the specific ins and outs of it. Thanks!
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