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  1. I currently have 10 elite force mid caps and 5 socom 190 round mid caps. I currently have a g and g raider and it appears that all of the reviews are great for the sr10. From what I've read it appears to have a great range and accuracy out of the box. I don't plan on modifying the gun other than a new barrel. I'd just like to make sure if I make this purchase that I don't need to add more money into mag replacement. Thanks for the replies!
  2. I am thinking about buying a kwa sr 10. Are kwa receivers where the mag goes in bigger than the typical gun? Is that the reason for mag compatibility issues?
  3. I want to buy a kwa sr10 and want to make sure my mags will fit. I own 5 socom mid cap mages that hold 190 bbs and 10 elite force mid caps. Will these mags work without issues in the kwa?
  4. Would I do any damage upgrading to a 120 spring? Would there be a benefit to do so?
  5. Do you know what spring is stock on this gun? I primarily play woods and fields.
  6. I just purchased a new g&g raider can. The gun shoots 350 per second with .20 bbs. I am getting a 6.01 barrel and I'd like to shoot closer to 400 fps. Does anyone know which spring comes with this gun and is it possible to do a sprin swap and add 50 fps?
  7. We're they picky on magazines? I have elite force mid caps and socom mid caps. Would these work?
  8. How does the quality of a g&p compare to a kwa? I really like the look of the g&p m4 magpul edition. What would I need to do to the gun to get it to reach accurately as a sr10? Would a new hop up and barrel be enough? I'd just like to hit a 12" group at 60 yards. Is this possible? As I said before I really like the m4 look and particularly the g&p magpul. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that g&p would be easier to replace parts on it?
  9. So I need some help, how is the g&p m4 magpul edition. How are the externals on this gun? What could I do if I buy it to get the accuracy consistently to about 60 yards ?
  10. If you were buying a new gun and wanted a very high performing and durable gun, which brand would you buy?
  11. I am considering purchasing one of these two guns. Other than look and barrel length on the sr 10, is there any other difference? Will I get the same range out of them both? Any suggestions on either?
  12. I am newer to airsoft but I played paintball for years. I currently own a 4 year old echo 1 m4 that cost $150 with battery and charger. It is 100% stock. The gun shoots app. 35-40 yards accurately after adjusting the hop up and shoots 302 fps with .25 g&g bbs. My question is I am considering a new gun, the kwa sr 10. Reviews say the gun shoots accurately 170-200 feet. Is this gun going to out perform from a distance and accurate stand point my echo 1? If so, what is a realistic expectation of the kwa sr10? I don't plan doing any upgrades unless it gives me great accuracy. Please advise, any help it sincerely appreciated..Thanks, Tawababa2!
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