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  1. Hello Guys, My team made a top 5 video for airsoft guns for beginners. I hope this will help new airsofters join the sport and I help guide them into getting their first gun. This video has 5 guns fully explained with description. There are soooo many other options of guns out there but these r from people I have talked to and my personal experience! ENJOY!!! Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa6GZ48mHQ4
  2. il buy the dye i4 edit by moderator: Please don't quote the entire opening post when you reply to the thread.
  3. Ok im interested in the g&p stubby killer. Sadly I don't have the money on hand yet. Would you be able to part anything out with the stubby package like the mags or sight?
  4. Thankd for letting me know! il keep that in mind for upcoming content!
  5. You can find the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa6GZ48mHQ4...ure=c4-overview There is too much to say in text form so I made a video. There are so many other options I could have chosen from and I probably could have switched the order of a few of them.
  6. Hey guys! MLAMilitia is going to be starting up a Top 5 Airsoft Guns for Beginners series and we need suggestions and first hand accounts from people who have owned guns for beginners. This will hopefully be successful and help guide beginning airsoft players in the right direction. Our motto is to spread the sport of airsoft in New England and as new people join the sport they need to know where to start. I need people to post their opinions on the top 5 airsoft guns for beginners and I will also be putting some of my opinions in the video as well. Please list your thoughts below! Listing brands will also help me find guns that are decent for beginning players. When I was a beginning player myself and other members from our team, I remember the times where it took me months just to decide on a gun style I liked never mind a gun. Getting a guide out to players will hopefully elevate their experience as an airsoft player so they can get their friends involved as well. Please make your suggestions below so I can have opinions of the public and not just myself. From past posts I have made, lets just say I have not gotten the best feedback but lets start fresh with the public view. Our Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MLAMilitia Thanks, Matt from MLAMilitia
  7. How to Choose an Airsoft Gun : Your Guide to Choose the Right First Airsoft Replica. 1. How Much to Spend The first thing you want to do, is figure out just how much money you want to spend on your airsoft gun. It’s best to wait and save up more and buy a great gun, versus being impatient and buying a gun that will break. In the long run, you will end up spending more money on cheap guns, when you could have just bought a nice one to start with. So keep that in mind. 2. The Big Three: AEG, Gas, Spring There are three types of airsoft guns. Airsoft electric guns. (AEG) Gas: co2, green gas, propane Spring AEGs Airsoft Electric Guns are battery powered, and come in almost any model of gun except shotguns. They are one of the most used airsoft guns due to not having to buy gas, and having semi-auto and full-auto fire selection. Gas Gas powered airsoft guns are popular in shotguns, pistols, and bolt-action sniper rifles. Typically having more FPS, and realism with the blowback accessory. They are usually more costly than AEGs, but are realistic and have more power. Spring Spring guns are the cheapest guns you will find, not having to be powered by a battery or any type of gas. However, there are no full-auto spring guns, so most of the guns are shotguns, sniper rifles, and pistols. 3. What Style of Airsoft Gun to Get? There are typically six styles of guns that fall into the categories listed above. So now we are going to figure out what style of gun you want. These styles include: Assault rifles Sniper rifles Shotguns LMGs (Light machine guns) SMGs (Sub machine guns) Pistols Each style of gun has hundreds of different models, but once you know what style of gun you want, it’s easier to choose what model you like. Basically, each style of gun has different purposes. Assault Rifles Assault rifles are probably the most common and popular model of airsoft gun. They range from AK-47s to M4-A1s. They are mediocre in all scenarios. They can be good for long range shooting, and close quarters fire fights. Practically all airsoft assault rifles have the semi-auto and full-auto fire selection, making them an essential weapon on the battle field. The most popular assault rifles are: M4 M-16 AK-47 SCAR Galil FAL G-36 Sniper Rifles Sniper rifles are used for just what the name implies, sniping. If you’re looking to be an airsoft sniper, you are going to want a high powered sniper rifle, so be sure to check the FPS and accuracy before purchasing your gun. Some recommended sniper rifles are: M-14 SVD PGM LRSA L96 Tip: Be sure to get a side arm pistol. It’s easier to take out a pistol if flanked than whipping a large rifle around. Shotguns Shotguns are a great weapon if you want to clear a room, or are not the aiming type. They come single chambered: one BB per shot. Triple chambered: three BBs per shot. Or multiple shot, meaning they shoot any ware between 5-20 BBs per shot, depending on the model you get. Light Machine Guns The light machine gun is a heavy weapon; meant for support gunners and base defense. With their box or drum magazines, they can hold form 1000- 8000 BBs. If you want an intimidating weapon, and have the strength to carry it, this one is for you. Several models of S.M.G.s are: M-60 M249 RPKs AUGs Sub Machine Guns Sub machine guns are small full-auto guns, mostly used for spec-ops and maneuverability. They are not very accurate, but can serve as a side arm or a primary weapon. They have a high rate of fire, and are an essential weapon for any CQB (Close Quarters Battle) scenario. There are many models of SMGs, but here is a list of the most popular: MP-5 P90 MP7 PDW KMP9 GBB SMG Pistols Pistols are seldom used as a primary weapon. They more often serve as a side arm. Being small and easily handled, they can be used close quarters, and offer protection when reloading. Tip: When choosing a pistol, gas pistols are the better way to go. The most used pistols are: 1911 M9 USP Desert Eagle 4. Brands & Websites Now something that your probably wondering is what brand to get, and where to shop. Well, there are really good brands, and there are the brands that are more on the cheap side. The top ten brands are as listed: Echo1 JG King arms ASG Classic army Condor EOtech G&G Tokyo marui MAGPUL More airsoft brands : We Airsoft, ARES, KWA Airsoft, Crosman, Systema, Cyma Airsoft, ASG, Well… Tip: Honestly when you buy something from Eco 1, Tokyo Marui, and Classic Army, about 20% of the cost is just for the name. So keep that in mind. And finally, there are tons of websites out there to shop from. But here is a list of (in my opinion) the best, that have only provided great service. Evike Airsoft GI Hitguns Airsplat More Airsoft retailers : Airsoft Extreme, Airsoft Atlanta, Godfather Airsoft, Airsoft Club, eHobby Asia, Pyramyd Airsoft, Capital Airsoft, Airsoft Depot…
  8. I know you are looking for an m4 platform but I am trying to get rid of my cyma cmo36. it has never been used in field but just test fired. (got for christmas). my parents didnt know that I was a cqb player and not a field player. I was originally selling for 150 because of selling purpose about lowering price, but this gun is well worth over 200 for what it comes with/ upgrades. I am also including battery and charger which it didnot come with at first. plus extra metal high cap and sling attached. included many internal upgrades aswell. What do you think?
  9. If anyone wants to have the updates on airsoft in RI then please join our AirSplat Army FB page :https://www.facebook.com/groups/654402797955009/ I am currently on the team: MLAMilitia and there is abount 10 of us. We are sponsored by AirSplat. Every member on our team has over 5 years of airsoft experience. My team plays at Stronghold Airsoft in Abbington Mass. The ride is 45 mins. away and its worth driving up there. We r willing to have new people join who are good at airsoft. When I tell you the level we are at playing, let's just say alot of us have polarstars. Loadouts we run: Multicam, Tan, OD We used to play at BattlegroundZ but the place is too small and the same 5 kids go there all the time. If anyone goes up to Stronghold let us know on facebook and take some screenshots/videos. those will be featured on our FB page. Team Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MLAMilitia We also need people to record doing gameplays, reviews, etc! To get the sport growing up here and keeping us active to get support from AirSplat! Out team will be holding raffles, giveaways at Stronghold and to know when, join FB group and subscribe to youtube! LETS GET AIRSOFT IN RI BIG!!!!!
  10. Join our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/654402797955009/
  11. If anyone is interested and wants to keep up with airsoft in RI OR MASS. go to out facebook page and join our group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/654402797955009/
  12. My team- MLAMilitia is looking for skilled players who play airsoft with a good amount of years expeirience. I have a growing youtube channel- MLAMilitia I record Gameplay with GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition, Reviews etc... My team plays at Stronghold Airsoft in Abbington Massachusetts and BattlegroundZ in North Attleboro Massachusetts. I live in RI but go to these fields mostly every weekend. My team is in Sponsorship with Airsplat and players who join need to be active on forums, facebook, and youtube with us. All of those social media websites just listed are already made so no need to make your own if you do not have one. My team runs high quality guns and we are a CQB indoor fast pase team. We like action! Comment if interested and if you want to join PM me or comment. We hope to expand the airsoft experience here in RI and MASS but we need your help. We hope to play airsoft with you soon!
  13. I reccomend that you go with KWA. I have a KWA mp7 GBB and it is possibly one of the best guns I have seen preform. If you have ANY questions go to my profile and check out my post I have all of the information on my kwa mp7!
  14. Every member in MLAMilitia (my team) owns a KWA airsoft gun. Either a pistol, smg, or rifle, KWA has by far the most reliable internal quality that an airsoft gun can get. When I bought my KWA Mp7, the gun came already "lubed up", in other words, the gun already had silicon oil in it. AEG's Myself and Team Member Nick, own 2 KWA GBB guns and 2 KWA Electric rifles. The KWA CQR Mod 1 Magpul is the gun that nick has. It is an electric rifle that has Magpul furniture that came with it. So already pretty much the best externals. Then on the inside, KWA implemented their Gen 2 aeg gearbox. With a 9.6v battery, the gun fires as fast as you can pull the trigger. The gun is $270 I own a KWA CQR Mod 2 which is basically the same rifle except the barrel length is for cqb and the externals are from KWA. Both rifles shoot from 350- 400 FPS. Both guns are so easy to UPGRADE!! GBB's I own a KWA Mp7. The gun has an all polymer body just like the real steel. For an SMG, the gun fires hot but still eligable for cqb firing at 350-400 fps using green gas. Metal externals are- stock, flash hider (12mm CCW) need adaptor or mock suppresor that fits, both iron sights, magazine, rails. Suprisingly the gun functions not too bad in cold weather. I was playing with it and went through full mag in.... 9*F. LOL. The gun came self Lubercated so I didnt have to clean it again until 3rd time use. MAKE SURE YOU CLEAN IT!! The magazine holds 40rnds so make sure you get another mag. Recomended play: CQB indoor. Con- No sling points, you have to get the holster or make your own like I have. I tied 3 knots arount this whole on the gun with paracord then attached a 1 point sling. The KWA Mp7 is $255 on Airsplat.com, the mp7 has the NS2 gearbox for gbb. Best GBB gearbox on the market. Nick owns a KWA m9 PTP. Pricing $150. FPS: 360 using .2g The KWA m9 PTP is full metal besides the hand grip. It has the best kick that I have ever seen with an airsoft gun. The pistol is a 1 to 1 scale witth the real steel m9. When using green gas, the gun can hold up to 2-3 mags MAX, that is incredible. The pistol is also the most accurate pistol I have seen. like the mp7, the m9 has the ns2 gas system in it. it is the best gearbox and internals on gas guns.
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