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  1. People have modified the FTC to use aeg mags
  2. You can read more at this sight http://gordakairsoft.tripod.com/lrb/lrb.htm and have a machinist make your LRB
  3. Classic guns are guns that are made before 2003 or before. Companies like toytec, JAC, kokusai, Asahi, FTC, marushin, maruzen, LS, are a few examples of classics.
  4. Email is down currently. BUMP price is now 155$
  5. im so sorry for the late response I thought I would never get this thing sold yes I will send you pictures. Pm me for email and I will send you more accurate description and picts
  6. I have a kwc m16 that's hanging on my wall. It's getting dusty now and I want someone who would fix, repair, and take care of this m16. Its not shooting and never tested it because I don't have a airrig. The body cracked (lower reciever) Rey severly however there are people who fix this with metal AEG or GBB bodies with some few mods and dremeling. I also have 6 great working mags with metal stampings. They weigh quite a lot. Total price is $160--$180 however you can talk me down to cheaper prices. Payment by ebay and PayPal only Pm me for email.
  7. Need a classic that is under 400$ no pistols, gbb, or nbb. It has to be BV mechanism. JAC or asahi preferred (JAC uzi preferred with handful of spare mags and SCS)
  8. Kwc m16 for sale: -lower reciever is BROKEN AND CRACKED -LRB barrel -6 Mags -gun itself -internal tank (gun won't work unless the reciever is fixed because the reciever holds the internals together making it airtight) -I'm sure the gun works but I don't know because I have no airrig -it is easy to fabricate a aeg body to fit on these guns (dremel) -asking 200$ but will take offers -email is Erickwon@@@@@@@LiveDOT....com -we will discuss payments on email
  9. If its in WORKING CONDITION I will buy it. Also please send some instructions on how to use it if you can. We will discuss payments and shipping and all of that on PM and later email.
  10. You won't find a youth engineering I gaurentee because its so rare and there's a huge demand for it. I heard YE mp5 has a recoil like a real 9mm mp5 so I think that's why people like it soo much.
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