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  1. So after teching on a few guns and playing more I have decided that I want to build a new rifle. However the dilemma that im having is one that I have had before. Im stuck between getting another AEG platform or P*. I have dug through several forums trying to find out information that will help me decide but honestly its mostly opinions. For me its all coming down to cost. I enjoy tweaking and teching to get the most out of my guns and I can do this with either platform. However I don't want to spend an arm and a leg to do it if I don't have to. I guess my question is, is there really not that big a price difference between the 2 platforms? I keep reading that a fully upgraded AEG will cost as much as a p* setup but I honestly cannot see the math in those statements. I have fully replaced a AEG internally for 200-300 dollars, this is no where near the cost of a p* star setup. Outside of the barrel and the hop which most of the time will get replaced on a p* anyway the parts just don't add up to the p* cost. Am I missing something? From what I can tell I could honestly buy 2 guns and replace the internals for the price of a p* setup. Im just trying to see what everyone else thought.
  2. I have a JG Bar 10 that gas several upgrades in it. I've never actually fielded the gun. Just took pot shots with it in the back yard. It's shoots accurate out to 55 yards (as far as I can test). This is with the stock spring shooting around 350 fps. So using the 150 or 170 spring that's included will definitely increase the range. Upgrades: 1. Laylax Zero trigger (installed) 2. Orange piston (installed) 3. Teflon cylinder (installed) 4. Dangerwerx hop arm (Installed) 5. Bearing spring guide (installed) 6. 6.02 650 mm tbb (not installed) 7. 150 and 170 springs (not installed) 8. Scope (installed, pictured on the vsr10) Asking 250 and buyer pays shipping.
  3. I agree with that. Like I stated there are generally one or two bad experiences to every 100 good ones. I saved all the emails and I really contemplated posting them but I didn't know if I should or not. As far as the raging D*** goes, unfortunately he is the owner. After speaking with a few other people locally that have dealt with him they say that its just him and he has his rough edges at times. None of them seemed shocked or surprised at the way he acted.
  4. So im not sure if this is the right place to post this or if anyone will really care. However I believe in letting people know about bad business so that don't make the same mistakes that I have. Before I begin let me first start by saying that I understand that for every bad experience that someone has will a retailer there are probably hundreds of good ones. That being said however, coming from a retail background no one hears about the good ones most of the time and those one or two bad out of a hundred can cost your business. This post is first meant to inform about a bad experience. While my opinion will probably be input from time to time (it is my post) I will try to stay as partial as possible. So with all of the disclaimers out of the way, lets begin. Being from Kentucky and their being a lack of decent airsoft stores around I normally either travel to another state to make purchases or buy online. While browsing around the interwebs I stumbled upon BG Airsoft. Much to my surprise they had a decent looking website and more importantly were located in Kentucky. As I do with most stores that I buy from I went on Facebook to see if they had a Facebook page and to see if anyone had reviewed the place. On their Facebook there were a lot of people praising the place so I decided to make a phone call. At the time I had just recently got done with a DMR build. I had been working on this gun for several months and due to issues and having to send it off to a more experienced tech, needless to say I just didn't love the gun anymore. I saw on the website that BG Airsoft bought used guns so I decided to see if they would be interested. I made the call and spoke with the owner Thomas. Since they were several hours away I sent him pictures of my gun with the upgrade info and during the call I asked if he could give me some kind of estimate that way if it wasn't near what I was looking for I wouldn't waste his time or mine driving down. Let me state that I have worked for businesses that buy used. Giving someone a quote over the phone is a tricky thing because they always expect what you told them regardless. I knew this and didn't expect him to give me an exact price quote, I was just looking for a ball park. This made him EXTREMELY upset. Im not sure if he thought I was trying to rip him off or what but the guy got very angry and yelled/argued on the phone. After he finished I said that's ok,no worries, I would drive down and see what he could do. On the way down my fiancé told me it was a bad idea that anyone that gets upset at a customer for asking a question isn't someone I should do business with. However I decided that I would give him the benefit of the doubt and go anyway. I got down to Bowling Green, Kentucky and found the shop about an hour before he was closing. When we pulled up to the shop I was surprised at how big the place was. I didn't think it would be huge but it was a decent sized shop. I got inside and asked for Thomas and he looked over my DMR. He really seemed to like the gun and offered me pretty much what I was expecting. This was in store credit not cash so I looked around to see what he had. I noticed some of the guns that have the BG airsoft brand logo on them and went to look at them. I found one that I liked and messed around with it for a bit but ultimately decided that I would go with a VFC scar. I had always loved the look of the scar weapon system and honestly I didn't know much about the the BG airsoft brand. While I was looking Thomas was more than helpful. He let me shoot the gun and even wired it to deans before I left so I could use my lipo when I got home. Overall I was satisfied with the trade and the service I received. I got home that night and was curious about the BG airsoft brand and what others had to say about their guns so I did some research. Everyone seemed to be satisfied with the guns and the more I looked the more I wanted one. I hadn't opened or used the scar since I got home so I decided that I would email Thomas and see about returning it for one of the BG airsoft guns since it was within the 60 day return time and was unused. He emailed back promptly and said that would be ok to get the gun back asap. Being that I work in a hospital now my hours are a little unexpected. I knew that I wouldn't be able to get down for a few days so I went to ups and shipped the gun back to him. While I worked I started emailing Thomas about building me a custom BG airsoft gun. I basically explained my wants and needs and even sent pictures as to what I wanted it to look like. I knew that the gun would cost a fair amount more than what the trade was worth and explained that I would be ok with paying any difference. A few days passed and I heard nothing back. I checked the ups website and saw that the gun I shipped had been delivered so I called the shop to make sure and to talk about the gun that I wanted them to make. One of the store associates picked up and I explained about sending the gun and he said that yes they had it. I then started speaking with him about building my gun and trying to work out a price. During this conversation he gave the phone to Thomas as he didn't want to give me a quote on a custom gun. Thomas got on the phone and I could instantly tell he was angry. He proceed to tell me that I was not going to get one of the BG airsoft guns built and that I couldn't use my trade to purchase any of the BG airsoft line of guns. He then got an attitude and said that he didn't even know why I shipped the gun back that he never agreed to that. I then explained that I shipped it because he said to get it back asap and I knew I wouldnt be able to make it down for a few days. He said he sent no such email. I had to pull up my email and forward him the email that he sent me. Once he received it he calmed down and got quite, realizing he did send the email. I then asked why I couldn't use store credit to purchase one of their guns. He said I could use store credit on anything in the store but their guns. I was a little confused at this for a couple of reasons. First, no where in the trade agreement that we both signed did it say anything about not using the store credit for their guns. It actually stated that I could use the store credit for anything. It also confused me from a business standpoint. Here you have a customer that is interested in your product and is willing to spend more money with you and you refuse them. I then asked if he could send me a gift card or something that I could use the next time I was down there with the credit on it. At this point he exploded he said that he was going to send me back my original DMR that he didn't want my business and that it would be best to go our separate ways. I then told him that if he wasn't going to take back the scar and let me exchange the scar out to just send it back. He told me no that wasn't going to happen. I then said that we signed a trade agreement and I wanted the scar, the only reason I shipped it back was because I was under the understanding that it was going to be exchanged. He then started cussing and yelling at me, telling me that I was an idiot and that he didn't understand why I couldn't get it through my head that he didn't want my business. After his rant he hung up the phone. I gave him a few minutes to calm down and then called back to see if we could agree on sending back the scar. He again told me no. My aunt is a lawyer so I called her up and asked her what I should do. She advised me that since we both signed a trade agreement and that I have a copy of it he is legally obligated to send me back the scar as it was now my property per the trade agreement. So under her advice I called back and spoke with the sales associate. I explained that I spoke with a lawyer and that I would like to have the scar back since the trade agreement was essentially a contract. He said no problem that he would send it back the next day. I thought it was over at that point. Thomas called me back within minutes and cussed me out again and said how dare I threaten him with lawyers (which I didn't do, I simply said I spoke with one) and who do I think I am. He then told me he wasn't sending anything back that if I was man enough I would drive down there and tell him to give it back to his face. I then offered to pay the shipping to send it back and he hung up again. I called my aunt back and she advised me to call the local PD in Bowling green and explain the situation. An officer called me back and went over to the BG Airsoft store. He was able to get Thomas to agree to send the scar back and advised me that if call Thomas again that it would be harassment. Mind you I never called him personally, only the store. He made all the personal calls to me. I agreed and then went on my way. Since I had liked Thomas on Facebook I noticed a few hours later that I got branded as the Worst customer ever and that he was amazed at the length someone would go to get something from him. I got the package a few days later in the same box I sent to him. I was a little hesitant because I knew that he might have done something to the gun. I opened the box and the VFC box had a fist sized hole punched in it. The gun was however undamaged. Again this is just my experience with this company but I thought that since it was so crazy I would share it.
  5. I'm looking to sell my VFC SCAR-L. I purchased this gun about 2 weeks ago and only fielded it once. Due to me taking a new position at work I will be unable to continue playing airsoft at this time. The gun shoots great and I have had 0 issues with it. What is up for sale (prices listed are just for reference of what I have spent): 1. VFC SCAR-L-$389.99 2. ZCI Barrel with rhop installed by HS5-$80.00 3. 1 HIcap mag (came with gun) and 3 extra mid caps-$30 4. 11.1 Lipo Battery-$10.00 5. Original Barrel that came with the gun 6. Front angled grip-$20.00 7. Rail Ladders-$15.00 8. Muzzlebrake (will ship with both but orange will be installed)-$20.00 9. Lancer Tactical Red dot sight-$60.00 Total spent: $625 Asking $415 Trades would be a possibility but only looking for a decent sniper setup at this point. Feel free to offer though! The worst I can say is no. Also wanting to sell: 1. Condor Chest rig with pouches-If bought with gun I will sell for $15 without gun $25. Thanks Again! Thanks
  6. I figured it out!! Please disregard this post. This issue was that the VFC SCAR L has 2 grub screws securing the hop up. Apparently I tightened these to tight and it didn't allow the hop to be pushed back far enough by the screw on the front of the hop. Thanks though!
  7. So I just received my new barrel with rhop from Clandestine. I took my SCAR-L apart and removed the inner barrel and the hop up. I bought a new lonex bucking and removed the mounds off of it and then installed the barrel and hop back into the gun. The gun will not fire now. The gun goes through all the motions but no bbs come out. Due to it being a VFC I have not opened the gearbox what so ever and it was firing before the barrel install. I have done every test I can think of. I have installed another bucking, raised and lowered the hop nub, turning it upside down and firing, nothing seems to work. When I take the gun apart there is normally a bb stuck on the outside of the bucking between the bucking and the air nozzle like they aren't feeding through. While the gun was upside down I did the paper test and I'm not losing compression there. Please let me know if you all have any ideas. Thanks!
  8. I have a 552 replica for sale. It works great however due to the environment that I play in (outdoors woodland) it isn't bright enough for me. You can see it but just barely and I don't like having to concentrate on focusing in on the dot. Works like a charm in overcast weather and indoors. Has only been used one time. Will come with original box and all the accessories that it comes with as well as a plastic lens cover. Asking 45 shipped.
  9. I recently bought this gun with the intentions of turning it into a dmr. I basically bought all new internals and sent them to Paul at Amped Airsoft to be installed. I just recieved the gun back from Amped a few days ago and verified that it shoots and shoots at the correct fps (425-430 with .25s). G&P Magpul Moe Sniper: Link to original gun http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/magpul-gandp-mo...fle-2-tone.html New parts installed: 509mm 6.03 Madbull Black Barrel SHS High Torque Motor SHS Steel Gear Set 18.1 SHS Steel Bushings SHS Blue Piston Guarder Aluminum Piston head Guarder SP140 Spring Guarder Air Nozzle Guarder Ball Bearing Spring Guide Guarder Full Cylinder ProWin Hopup ExtremeFire AB long Mosfet Daniel Defense 20" Outer Barrel Flat Hop from Amped New parts not installed yet: Madbull Red Bucking Accessories: Tenergy 11.1 1200mah Lipo 25-50c Discharge 3 G&P Midcap Mags 1 Pmag that came with gun originally Leapers Illuminated Scope Asking: $500 Shipped OBO Any questions feel free to ask! I will check back frequently as I need this gone, so I should get back to you fairly quick. If you would like any other info or pictures please let me know. I will do my best to provide you with anything you request.
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