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    Guns - Daniel Defense M4A1 SOCOM (Also have in Real Steel), G&G/LMT Defender 2000 (Had in Real Steel - Recently sold), Sig P226, Beretta M9A1 (Have in Real Steel and looking for Airsoft Version ... Hit me up on this) TAG Slick - multicam - with soft armor Shellback Banshee - multicam - Battlelab MAP (MC), Battlelab Triple x Double M4 Pouch (MC), Single x Double M4 Pouch (MC), EI Pistol Mag Pouches with Kydex (CB), Tactical Tailor Small GP (MC), OC Tactical Cat Trap (MC - for TQ), BDS Padded Single Point Sling (CB), Camelbak Hydro, IR Patches ATS War Belt (CB), HSGI M4 Tacos (Singles & Doubles) x 6 (CB), HSGI Pistol Tacos, 100rd Saw Pouch (CB), Condor Tac Light Pouch (CB), USMC issue Dump Pouch (CB) And way more, but this is my current field kit.
  1. Woould you trade a pair of Large Regular pants for the Mediums you have? I have the same pants ...
  2. I want to make sure this is correct. You're selling a Real Steel EOTech 553 for $350? Can you take a pic of the serial #?
  3. How's the condition of the ESS V12? I have Goggles (x2), Boogie Reg's, Oakley Glasses and some Wiley X's . . . all seem to fog. I'm interested in these, but how's your take on them?
  4. Just built a rifle, so not looking . . . but wanted to say that Spike's rail looks awesome. If only real, I'd match it up with my Spikes lower. Nice rifle.
  5. Still have the WML? Is it working and do you know the lumens? Very interested and will take it for $40 shipped. Thanks -D
  6. Actually, there might be more, after another glance, such as TBB's, PTT and maybe headset, Lipo chargers and what's in the plastic bag?
  7. Any issues with the chrono? If not, I'll take it, if you'll accept $50 shipped, since shipping should be minimal.
  8. What size barrel is in this bundle? Matrix Custom Full Metal Receiver M4 Bundle - $50 Thanks,
  9. It looks like I would have to put in a lot of work or modify all the pieces to fit. Will you take $50 shipped? Any trades you might want?
  10. Kinda confused, as you mention both the top rail and the bottom. Are (2) DD rails included, along with the inner barrel and suppressor?
  11. Does the replica MOE tan grip have an end plate, cap or whatever it's called to keep the battery in?
  12. Thanks for checking my "I want" thread. I've got a bunch of real steel stuff, which I would like to rotate out of my airsoft play. Here we go: Replica EOTech under $50 T1 around $40 KWA P229 mags - non-leaky SCAR-L MC Chest Rig MC Crye-style Combat Shirts & Pants MC 3x1 open top mag pouch 50oz Hydro M9 (good brand) under $99 WML or scout type light with pressure pad Mosfets for (3) rifles, with wires and trigger contacts to deans I could go on and on, but we'll start there. I ahev a bunch of gear, both airsoft and real steel for trade + $ (of course) Thanks.
  13. Hi, I'd like to request access to hidden groups/posts/threads .... etc. I have recently become more active and have purchased and sold items here with no issue. I look forward to being more apart of the community. Thanks.
  14. Is there a link to the SCAR? Meaning, something I can check to see more about the rifle on a store page.
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