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    Guns - Daniel Defense M4A1 SOCOM (Also have in Real Steel), G&G/LMT Defender 2000 (Had in Real Steel - Recently sold), Sig P226, Beretta M9A1 (Have in Real Steel and looking for Airsoft Version ... Hit me up on this) TAG Slick - multicam - with soft armor Shellback Banshee - multicam - Battlelab MAP (MC), Battlelab Triple x Double M4 Pouch (MC), Single x Double M4 Pouch (MC), EI Pistol Mag Pouches with Kydex (CB), Tactical Tailor Small GP (MC), OC Tactical Cat Trap (MC - for TQ), BDS Padded Single Point Sling (CB), Camelbak Hydro, IR Patches ATS War Belt (CB), HSGI M4 Tacos (Singles & Doubles) x 6 (CB), HSGI Pistol Tacos, 100rd Saw Pouch (CB), Condor Tac Light Pouch (CB), USMC issue Dump Pouch (CB) And way more, but this is my current field kit.
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